350 kWh Saved! (2010)

350The 350 Saved! Project

Inspired by 350.org.

What is 350?

350 is the most important number in the world—it’s what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Three years ago, after leading climatologists observed rapid ice melt in the Arctic and other frightening signs of climate change, they issued a series of studies showing that the planet faced both human and natural disaster if atmospheric concentrations of CO2 remained above 350 parts per million.

Everyone from Al Gore to the U.N.’s top climate scientist has now embraced this goal as necessary for stabilizing the planet and preventing complete disaster. Now the trick is getting our leaders to pay attention and craft policies that will put the world on track to get to 350.”


Participant Testimonials:

Since moving in to our home in 2006 we have completed a lot of improvements that have resulted in lowering our heating and electric usage. We installed insulation in the attic, got new siding with added insulation & new argon filled windows. That reduced our oil usage in half! Our 1st winter in the house required 8 oil deliveries! Now we are down to 4 a year!

We have replaced our washer/dryer and refrigerator with energy star appliances. Most of our lighting fixtures now have cfl bulbs.

Our lasted improvement is installing a ductless ac/heat pump in the living room. We had electric baseboard heat in the room so the heat pump replaces that for heating!

From May 2009-Apr 2010 our electric usage was 12524 kWh. For May 2010 – Apr 2011 it is down to 9668 kWh. That’s an annual savings of 2856 kWh!

We are always looking for new ways to save energy so any help would be greatly appreciated! Our next plan is to replace the oil hot water heater with a hybrid unit – maybe we can cut our oil deliveries to 3/year!




Although we did not reach our goal of 350 families, we did manage to gather 188. We did not reach 122,500 kWh saved by the 188 families, but only 36 families saved 113,560 kWh which is really quite remarkable.

35 families saved 113,560 kWh, saving our atmosphere from about 78.5 metric tons of CO2. Figuring in line loss, it was more like 122,645 kWh saved, which is equal to 84.8 metric tons of CO2! These families’ financial savings (based upon 14 cents per kW) was $15,898.40!

We involved our local installers in our 350 kW Installed part of our 350 Project. 395.23 kW of installs were reported to us. I am sure there are more unreported out there.

We probably helped change many households’ modus oparendi forever, so the savings will continue.