DRAFT MINUTES – SEEDS 2017 Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes – to be approved at Sept. 18, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Convened 6:10 p.m.

Chair report

(1) SEEDS named as stakeholder in DEP’s Solar Energy Future, (2) SEEDS applied for grant under Department of Energy Solar Energy Challenge (Sunshot), but was not awarded the grant.

Treasurer’s report

Total: $49,525 approved in budget; $18,300 expenses approved in budget.

Balance in the bank, August 2017: $38,608

Fundraisers: year-end campaign $13,000+ and Swapapalooza $3,758

Grants: (1) $3,000 from DEP for environmental education, (2) $3,000 from Clif Bar for program coordinator money, (3) Overlook Foundation $2830, (4) $3,000 Villaume Foundation, $2,000 from Home Depot for LED blubs.

Largest expense is $20,000 for executive director.

Election of board members; no objections, approved by consensus

Nancy DeYoung, corresponding secretary

Denise Bussiere, treasurer

Colleen Campion, board member at large

Mary Anne Carletta, board member at large

Executive director report

2018 will be SEEDS 10th anniversary

Board advisory committee in attendence: Brian Stafford (PPL) and Gordon Smith (Renewable Energy Solutions)

Reviewed outreach: 1139  email subscribers

Reviewed workshops

Announced November 18, 2017 Book Swap

Announced Green Business Awards for 2017:

Non-profit category: The Cooperage

Profit category: Leeward Construction (recycles oil, recycles asphalt with no petroleum emissions)

Last year’s winner was Wayne Highlands School District for their Rocket Composter. The student led group, who wanted to put less waste in landfills, developed a  “Sustainability Snowball” project, that resulted in the County writing a grant for and receiving funds fir a rocket composted on site at the high school and now in full operation.

Circle reports:

Solar Circle (Jack Barnett reported): Solal 101 at Milford Library, 19 free solar site assessments with three more to come in 2017, Habitat Solar hot water system installed, updated solar on the website

Energy Assessment Program (Jenna Wayne)

Communications Circle: needs volunteers and projects

Recycling Guide project: Colleen Campion

Travis Rivera reported on Main Street Green

Wayne Highlands (Honesdale H.S.) has an energy club

Clean Energy Co-op (Jack Barnett reported) 54 owners, future project The Anthill Farm (38kW system on the barn); annual meeting of Clean Energy Co-op, 7 p.m. Park Street Complex


Susan LaCroix from Delaware Highlands Conservancy presented overview of current work

Jim Jennings, Jeff George and Grant Genzlinger from the Wayne, Pike Trials and Waterways Alliance presented on the Honesdale River Project (see honesdaleriverproject.com) and land, water, rails/trails initiative. There is a grant proposal out to DCNR for a feasibility study.

Meeting concluded 7:55 pm

submitted by Jane Bollinger

BYLAW CHANGE RECOMMENDATION: Our Board is recommending a change to our bylaws to improve procedural efficiency.

Bylaw – Article: V1; 9; paragraph C: The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization. The Treasurer shall render, at stated periods as determined by the Board, a written account of the finances of the organization which will be included with the minutes of the Board at such meeting. Checks or drafts of the organization must be co-signed by two of three board members so designated by the Board.

Recommendation – Change wording to: Checks or drafts of the organization must be co-signed by two of three Board-designated signers.