How to decrease mowing and increase pollinators and birds

Free Seminar: Tues Aug 22nd @ 7 pm in Honesdale


Ed Perry from the National Wildlife Federation will present  “Neighborly Natural Landscaping: How to decrease mowing and increase pollinators and birds”. Learn ways to reduce the population decline of bird species and pollinators right in your own backyard. Learn what to plant, where to plant and where to get your plants, how to start a meadow, and how all this benefits our waterways.

Did you know running a lawn mower for one hour emits the same amount of carbon pollution as driving a car for one hundred miles?

Sarah Hall-Bagdonas, president of the Northeast PA Audubon Society will discuss native versus invasive species.

Each attendee will also receive a free “Seeds Ball”.

This event is being sponsored by local Wayne/Pike County partners in conservation, SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support), the Northeast PA, Audubon Society, Wayne Conservation District, and Delaware Highlands Conservancy with the National Wildlife Federation.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 22 at 7:00 pm

WHERE:  Park Street Complex, 648 Park Street in Honesdale, near Wayne Memorial Hospital

PRESENTED BY:  The National Wildlife Federation, SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support), the Northeast Audubon Society, the Wayne Conservation District and Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

For more information, visit or call (570) 245-1256

Space is limited for FREE assessment this summer… 

click HERE to sign up

SEEDS provides FREE energy assessments for homeowners in Wayne, Lackawanna, and Pike Counties, thanks to continued support from PA’s Department of Environmental Protection, Overlook Foundation and our members and donors.

Home owners will walk the exterior and entire interior with our team of assessors. Home owners are asked to share energy bills to help document the energy savings this program produces. Northeastern PA families are saving tens of thousands of dollars as a result of this program.





Eat Well by Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market

This guide will help you find them!


Farmers markets are starting up all over our area, as the first produce of spring is ready for our dinner plates.  Eating food from local farms ensures the food is fresher and more nutritious, supports your neighbors and the local economy, and reduces the transportation costs, spoilage and vitamin loss, and carbon emitted when food is shipped in from other states or even other countries.  It’s not always obvious how to find out about all the local farmers markets, so we’ve listed the ones we know about here.  The list below may not be complete: please let us know about any in the area that we forgot.  This list doesn’t include farm stands or shops for individual farms, or permanent shops that sell local farmers’ products.  Check the websites for the most up-to-date information.

Town Location Day Held Time Website
Barryville Behind River Market (3385
Route 97)
May through
Callicoon When outdoors:
Callicoon Creek
Park (Audley Dorrer Drive)
All year (outdoors May through
Nov 5)
Hawley Bingham Park
(4 Main St)
May through
Honesdale Wayne County Farmers Market
{Next to Dave’s
Foodtown at 200 Willow Ave)
May through October
Honesdale Stourbridge Pie
(The Cooperage at
1030 Main St)
2nd Saturdays,
May through
Lakeville Sculpted Ice Works Market
(311 Purdytown Turnpike)
(dates unspecified)
Milford Milford Farmers Market       (The Columns Museum, 608 Broad St) Sundays,
Oct 15
Narrowsburg Narrowsburg
(7 Erie Ave)
May 26 through Oct 6
Scranton South Side Farmers Market
(300 block of Alder St, off Cedar)
(dates unspecified)
Scranton Co-op Farmers Market
(900 Barring Ave, behind Glider Diner)
Mondays, Wednesdays,
& Fridays
(mid-July to
Thanksgiving Eve)

SEEDS Presents Scholarship to Ms. Zoe CykoskySEEDS Chairperson, David Ford, presented the scholarship check to Zoe Cykosky (center). Also pictured l to r: Nancy DeYoung, Jenna Mauder, Emily Rinaldi, Jocelyn Cramer, Kathy Dodge, Mary Anne Carletta and Jack Barnett.

SEEDS Presents Scholarship to Ms. Zoe Cykosky


Click HERE to read Essay


SEEDS volunteers met with Zoe Cykosky, a recent graduate of Wallenpaupack High School at their board meeting this week, to present her the $1000 Scholarship she won in the SEEDS sustainability essay competition this spring. In a meeting dedicated to getting to know her and her family a bit, Zoe proved to be a deserving winner, with a bright future ahead of her. The SEEDS scholarship was issued in memory of Michael “Jake” Burkhardt who was a student intern with SEEDS two summers ago. Jake was a young, though dedicated, environmentalist who gave much to our community in his short 19 years.

Zoe and others entered their essays on the following: How can the United States promote economic growth and clean energy at the same time?  How can rural communities like northeast Pennsylvania do the same?

Zoe, her mother, father and sister, were invited guests at the SEEDS board meeting, where she was able to learn more about SEEDS and their community work, and where the folks from SEEDS could also meet them, and share input on why her essay was selected. Although Zoe’s essay was thoughtful and well informed, she admitted the question prompted her to research the topic, and she learned a great deal more in the process, thus planting the “SEEDS” for a envisioning a cleaner, greener economy.

Ms. Cykosky will be attending Penn State’s Main Campus this fall, and will be a marketing major.




Martin attended a SEEDS DIY Solar Workshop, then installed it himself

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) is sponsoring our annual FREE Do-it-Yourself two-night Solar Workshop from 7 to 9 PM on Tuesday June 20th and Wednesday June 21st at the Wayne Conservation District in the Park Street Complex; 648 Park Street in Honesdale, near the Wayne Memorial Hospital. This is the fifth year that SEEDS has offered this workshop, one of our most popular, helping to increase the number of solar systems in our region.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click HERE to register, or call 570-245-1256.

This hands-on workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about solar energy, especially if you may wish to install your own solar photovoltaic (PV)—electric generating—array.   No experience is necessary attend this workshop, nor is there any obligation to make a solar purchase.

Just come, listen, ask questions and learn why so many people are producing their own electricity!

Manufacturing costs of solar panels have dropped over 50% in the past few years, and installing them yourself makes generating your own power even more affordable. There are still federal tax incentive available and this information will be shared.  Several owners of these systems will be present to talk about their experiences.


The first session will include an overview of PV installation, along with the economics, including the cost, payback, and return on investment. Other topics will include evaluation of sites, the mechanics of ordering the equipment, the support available to those who choose to do an installation, and permits and inspection.  A panel, inverter, and racking will be there for demonstration and “hands on” training.


The second night’s session will include installation of racking, attaching inverters to panels, installing panels on racking, and interconnecting wiring. Additionally, utility inspections, monitoring systems and renewable energy credits will be discussed.

Presenters include:

  • Blair Buselli – a PA and NY licensed electrician and a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) solar installer. Blair also serves on the SEEDS Advisory Committee.
  • Jack Barnett – a principal consultant in sustainability, solar, zero net-energy buildings, and telecommunications technologies and strategy; a past chair of a chapter of the American Solar Society, and President of The Clean Energy Co-Op. Jack is also a SEEDS Board Member.

“SEEDS is strongly committed to education about renewable energy, how it can save you money and improve the quality of life in our community,” says Jack Barnett.  “If you want to attend this workshop just to learn more about solar, the economics, or how it works, without investing in a system, that’s fine. And, if you want to take the step to invest in solar, this is definitely a valuable workshop for you.”

 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click HERE to register, or call 570-245-1256.

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) is a non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable living in our region. Visit to join the SEEDS e-newsletter list to be notified of all upcoming free forums.