Interested in sustainability? Want to know what is happening here in northeastern PA?

Everyone is welcome to the SEEDS Annual Membership Meeting

Tues. night SEPT 26 –


SEEDS annual general membership meeting will be held Tues. Sept 26th at 6 pm at The Cooperage (1st floor) – 1030 Main Street in Honesdale. SEEDS members are encouraged to attend, but the meeting is also open to the general public to learn more about what SEEDS does, and what encouraging projects are happening in our community. Food is available for purchase. Kitchen opens at 5:30 pm.

SEEDS has invited guests to share initiatives that we wanted you to know more about:

  • Wayne Pike Trails and Waterways Alliance representatives will present an update about their grassroots efforts to sustainably develop walking trails along the historic railroad and Lackawaxen River between Honesdale and Hawley. Conceptual designs, including a revitalized Honesdale riverfront, will be shown and any feedback is welcome!” Visit for more info.
  • Delaware Highlands Conservancy (DHC)– whose mission includes conserving farms, forests and waters of the Upper Delaware Region. DHC provides educational events and opportunities to engage the community, and promote a sustainable local economy. Speaker Susan LaCroix, a land protection coordinator will share details on some of their events and initiatives.

Doors and Ant Hill Farms Kitchen open at 5:30. Monique will have vegetarian and gluten free options available in addition to her usual fare.

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm.

Chair, Treasurer, and Executive Director reports and elections will be conducted. In addition we will present our year in review. Invited guest speakers will begin at approximately 6:45. The meeting is expected to end before 8 pm. Last year’s minutes can be reviewed HERE

If you are planning on attending, please click HERE to RSVP so we have a headcount, and can prepare ample food.



SEEDS will conduct Cycle Two elections at our annual meeting on Tues. Sept. 26th. Open board positions include: Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and a board member-at-large position. Each position is for a two year term, with 2 term limits in each position. Please let us know if you, or someone you know, would like to be considered, and submit a short bio by Sept 22nd.

Duties, as defined in our bylaws:

  • The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization. The Treasurer shall render, at stated periods as determined by the Board, a written account of the finances of the organization which will be included with the minutes of the Board at such meeting. Checks or drafts of the organization must be co-signed by two of three board members so designated by the Board.
  • The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain a list of members of the organization, send out meeting notices to members, and send any correspondence as deemed appropriate by the Board.
  • Board Members at large shall lend their knowledge, energies, and wisdom to the effective management of the organization.

Thank you for considering! If you need any further info about these duties, or SEEDS, please contact Jocelyn Cramer at or call (570) 245 – 1256.

If you haven’t already, please click HERE to RSVP for our SEEDS Annual Meeting so we have a headcount, and can prepare ample food.




No, it’s not an extreme sport (yet) but hypermiling can help you lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption. With more people traveling for summer vacation, a little attention on how you drive can go a long way towards cutting back on fuel usage. Hypermiling means improving fuel mileage in a motor vehicle by adopting certain driving techniques. Let’s explore some here.

Car Maintenance:

  • performing regular vehicle services
  • properly inflating your vehicle’s tires
  • using the proper grade motor oil
  • replacing your car’s air filter

All of the above will help your vehicle perform more efficiently.


  • carpooling
  • grouping your trips together and visiting the furthest destination first (a warm engine performs more efficiently),
  • avoiding ethanol gasoline
  • driving during off hours if possible to avoid traffic
  • removing excess weight, roof racks, etc. when not in use
  • parking the car for easy departure rather than driving around for the closest spot

The above are all simple ways to get better gas mileage.

Driving Techniques:

  • use cruise control
  • drive with the windows down when traveling below 55 mph and using air conditioning when traveling above 55 mph (this varies with the type of vehicle you drive)
  • don’t let the vehicle idle when stationary more than 60 seconds
  • anticipate coming to a stop by taking your foot off the gas to slow the vehicle before needing to brake

The above are driving techniques to lower fuel consumption. A technique that is a little trickier to use is the “coasting” method. Similar to anticipating breaking, when traveling down hills, just let the car coast when going down hills (build up enough momentum getting up the hill).

Methods NOT recommended for lower gas consumption:

  • putting the car in neutral while coasting,
  • driving too slowly for traffic conditions
  • “drafting” (when driving, this is also known as “tailgating” – driving too close to the vehicle ahead, especially tractor trailers)

The last three are all potentially dangerous practices and not worth the potential fuel savings.

You can click HERE for more general information, or use Google to find recommendations for your type of vehicle.

Do you have another hypermiling tip? Send it along to us at and we’ll pass it along. Safe travels!

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Eat Well by Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market

This guide will help you find them!


Farmers markets are starting up all over our area, as the first produce of spring is ready for our dinner plates.  Eating food from local farms ensures the food is fresher and more nutritious, supports your neighbors and the local economy, and reduces the transportation costs, spoilage and vitamin loss, and carbon emitted when food is shipped in from other states or even other countries.  It’s not always obvious how to find out about all the local farmers markets, so we’ve listed the ones we know about here.  The list below may not be complete: please let us know about any in the area that we forgot.  This list doesn’t include farm stands or shops for individual farms, or permanent shops that sell local farmers’ products.  Check the websites for the most up-to-date information.

Town Location Day Held Time Website
Barryville Behind River Market (3385
Route 97)
May through
Callicoon When outdoors:
Callicoon Creek
Park (Audley Dorrer Drive)
All year (outdoors May through
Nov 5)
Hawley Bingham Park
(4 Main St)
May through
Honesdale Wayne County Farmers Market
{Next to Dave’s
Foodtown at 200 Willow Ave)
May through October
Honesdale Stourbridge Pie
(The Cooperage at
1030 Main St)
2nd Saturdays,
May through
Lakeville Sculpted Ice Works Market
(311 Purdytown Turnpike)
(dates unspecified)
Milford Milford Farmers Market       (The Columns Museum, 608 Broad St) Sundays,
Oct 15
Narrowsburg Narrowsburg
(7 Erie Ave)
May 26 through Oct 6
Scranton South Side Farmers Market
(300 block of Alder St, off Cedar)
(dates unspecified)
Scranton Co-op Farmers Market
(900 Barring Ave, behind Glider Diner)
Mondays, Wednesdays,
& Fridays
(mid-July to
Thanksgiving Eve)

On Tues., Aug 22nd, Sarah Hall-Bagdonas of the Northeast PA Audubon Society, and Ed Perry of the National Wildlife Federation provided a free forum on Native Vs. Invasive species, and how to  increase bird species and pollinators, and decrease mowing.

CLICK HERE to hear an audio recording of the presentation.


Here are 2 hand-outs pertinent to the evening’s presentation:

This is an excellent guide to help you determine what to plant:to decrease mowing and increase pollinators and birds





Neighborly Natural Landscaping: How to Decrease Mowing and Increase Pollinator and Bird Species
Free Seminar: Tues Aug 22nd @ 7 pm in Honesdale

Ed Perry from the National Wildlife Federation will present  “Neighborly Natural Landscaping: How to decrease mowing and increase pollinators and birds”. Learn ways to reduce the population decline of bird species and pollinators right in your own backyard. Learn what to plant, where to plant and where to get your plants, how to start a meadow, and how all this benefits our waterways.

Did you know running a lawn mower for one hour emits the same amount of carbon pollution as driving a car for one hundred miles?

Sarah Hall-Bagdonas, president of the Northeast PA Audubon Society will discuss native versus invasive species.

Each attendee will also receive a free “Seeds Ball”.

This event is being sponsored by local Wayne/Pike County partners in conservation, SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support), the Northeast PA, Audubon Society, Wayne Conservation District, and Delaware Highlands Conservancy with the National Wildlife Federation.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 22 at 7:00 pm

WHERE:  Park Street Complex, 648 Park Street in Honesdale, near Wayne Memorial Hospital

PRESENTED BY:  The National Wildlife Federation, SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support), the Northeast Audubon Society, the Wayne Conservation District and Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

For more information, visit or call (570) 245-1256

Space is limited for FREE assessment this summer… 

click HERE to sign up

SEEDS provides FREE energy assessments for homeowners in Wayne, Lackawanna, and Pike Counties, thanks to continued support from PA’s Department of Environmental Protection, Overlook Foundation and our members and donors.

Home owners will walk the exterior and entire interior with our team of assessors. Home owners are asked to share energy bills to help document the energy savings this program produces. Northeastern PA families are saving tens of thousands of dollars as a result of this program.