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Clean Energy Co-op

Clean Energy Co-Op

Announcing the new Clean Energy Cooperative Inc.
Developing Community through Clean Energy in Northeast PA

Break out the champagne—or wheatgrass juice, or whatever— the Clean Energy Cooperative of Northeast Pennsylvania is now accepting members!

Developed by SEEDS over the last 12 months, this Clean Energy Cooperative will make clean energy solutions affordable for our local non-profits and community organizations.  We will do this by financing the upfront costs of solar panels and other renewable energy systems, enabling these wonderful local organizations to stretch their payments over a 20 year period, all while saving on their utility bills.

Your one-time Co-op membership fee of $100 provides the operating funds to help set up the Co-op. These costs are minimal as we have a group of dedicated volunteers running the Co-op, but there are always a few expenses. The other side of the win/win equation is that Co-op members have a direct say in the future of renewable energy in rural northeast Pennsylvania by:

  • having a ‘one member = one vote’ in the Cooperative,
  • helping us identify more members,
  • helping us identify Co-op projects, and
  • the future opportunity to consider funding in a Co-op project, by providing some of the upfront capital, with a modest return over a twenty year payback (and we will have lots of information on how that works and how that’s structured).

Or your role can stop with simply joining a worthwhile cause for our area and the planet.

You can be one of the first 25 members to join by going to http://www.CleanEnergy.Coop. Or you can wait and hear more about it at the SEEDS General Membership Meeting on September 16. But why wait? By being one of the first 25 members, you get (drum roll please) to tell your children, your cat, your neighbors, your houseplants, that you were one of the original 25 members of the Clean Energy Cooperative of Northeast Pennsylvania, thereby taking a stand for Mother Earth.

These buttons have additional ways to learn about and get connected with the Clean Energy Co-op, or call Michele on 570-224-0052:

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We at SEEDS are proud to have helped birth this community-owned organization and glad to have them as a partner with us working on a sustainable future for all!
– Kathy Dodge, SEEDS Chair

To view August 14, 2014 WNEP news coverage, click here:

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) of Northeastern PA and Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County Pennsylvania partnered to introduce solar technology to Habitat families.

Last year, SEEDS approached Habitat for Humanity  to introduce them to solar technology. Habitat was already dedicated to building energy efficiency homes for their families, but were not familiar with solar.

SEEDS is a local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable living. Habitat is dedicated to building energy efficiency homes for qualified families who might not otherwise be able to afford a home. Keeping energy costs down, and maximizing energy efficiency helps Habitat families succeed in their home ownership.

SEEDS’ objective was to compare the energy use before and after the solar installation so that energy savings could be analyzed. SEEDS hopes that this experience will result in Habitat using solar technology on future homes.

Habitat Home with Solar thermal system

In May, the John and Helen Villaume Foundation awarded SEEDS a grant to purchase a solar thermal hot water system. In June, SEEDS volunteers worked with Habitat volunteer to select a home. Several were considered and evaluated using a solar pathfinder device. In late June, a home was selected, and the system was ordered. A Habitat home owner, Cindy Mills of Waymart PA received the system and it was installed on July 7th, 2014.  Her roof was pointed in a good direction, allowing for maximum sun throughout the day, and she had no trees shading the spot were the panel would be installed. The entire process would not be possible without the generous donation of time and expertise from Blair Buselli of Buselli Solutions, a family run heating/plumbing/electrical and now SOLAR business based in Beach Lake, PA. Blair received his first solar training through a SEEDS sponsored program in 2009.  Blair has since become a PA and NY approved solar installer, and is a NABCEP (The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Certified Installer.

SEEDS is grateful to all the Habitat volunteers for their enthusiasm on this partnership. We wish to thank all our SEEDS volunteers who made this happen. And we would also like to thank Cindy, who is so enthusiastic about her new solar thermal system, and has allowed us to tour her home with press and folks who want to see the system and learn more about it.

Close up on solar thermal panel against beautiful blue sky

Cindy’s electricity use will be monitored to see what the energy savings are from her new solar thermal system. SEEDS hopes this installation teaches others about solar technology. We are happy to have partnered with Habitat, brining solar technology to lower income families, and we hope this experience leads to other solar installations.

Although solar systems have been used on Habitat homes in other states, we have not yet been able to find an instance of this happening in Pennsylvania.  SEEDS and Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County may be making a bit of history here!

Clyde Kreider in Habitat Basement with solar tank

SEEDS Videos:

Solar Installer Blair Buselli talks about how a solar thermal hot water system works

Buselli Part 2

Habitat home owner Cindy,talks about her new solar thermal hot water system

Wayne County Habitat President Mark Graziadio, talks about the benefits of solar

Clyde Kreider- Head of Wayne County Habitat Building Committee


To learn more about Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County Pennsylvania, call (570) 251-8115 or email


SEEDS sponsored a  full bus to the People’s Climate Change demonstration to New York City on Sunday, September 21.   World leaders gathered at the UN for a landmark summit on climate change and people came from all parts of the country as well as gathering in cities and villages across the world, urging action.  
In past years, SEEDS, Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support of NEPA based in Honesdale, has held local demonstrations and gone to Washington DC urging the government to take action to keep the carbon in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million.  As it has well exceeded that, SEEDS now is taking this concern to world leaders in what is hoped will be the largest climate support demonstration in the history of the United States.
“Each of us does day to day things to show Mother Earth we care, like recycling and turning out the lights.  This is an opportunity to go beyond and physically join with people all over the world,” said Seeds member, Michele Sands.

What is SEEDS?


SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) of Northeastern PA is a community benefit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping area residents and businesses save energy, improve energy efficiency and install renewable energy. Our goals include reducing carbon emissions to protect our environment and helping support our local economy.

You can read more  about our educational forums and training programs, as well as some of the energy efficiency projects and partnerships in the works.

If this work appeals to you, and you would like to become a member, donate or volunteer, we would love to hear from you.

Please call our Executive Director, Jocelyn Cramer, at (570) 245 – 1256 or email her at:


SEEDS has worked with PPL’s E-power team to help spread the word about energy rebates available to PPL customers. One under-utilized offering is a free, no obligation, energy assessment for our local farmers! Famers have saved 35 – 65% of equipment costs through E-power rebates. Additionally, they are saving every year on electricity costs. Please help us spread the word so the folks that might  benefit, know about this opportunity!

Click for the full brochure describing the offer.

Click this link to their site with full details.

To schedule a free farm energy assessment, or for further information, call 1-866-306-6557.   Tell them SEEDS sent you!