Frequently Asked Questions about Wayne Businesses Conserve (WBC)

Does it cost money to participate?

No, it does not cost businesses money to participate in Wayne Businesses Conserve! However, if you would like to donate money to our cause, we would certainly be grateful!

What do the businesses get in return?

Our hope is that businesses get the recognition they deserve for steps they are taking to conserve energy. All participating businesses will receive a window decal they can display in their storefront. Depending on your level of attainment, businesses will be listed or featured on this website and the SEEDS facebook page. A press releases detailing all participats will run in regional news outlets at least twice throughout the year. We also hope that businesses will save some money on their electricity bill by reducing their daily/weekly/yearly energy loads.

What does participation involve?

1. Identifying and nominating a contact person at your business.
2. Filling out a Wayne Businesses Conserve Application.
3. Meeting in person with the WBC intern for a personal site visit.
4. Complying with the required conservation measures outlined in the application.
5. Dedication to saving energy, saving money and saving the planet!

How do you ensure that businesses are actually complying with the “rules” of the program?

Every business meets with the a WBC! staff member to go over their application. Applications are then reviewed by the WBC! committee who determines whether or not a business is in compliance. There is no third party verification, but we feel that businesses will not gain much by “greenwashing.” Any operational changes we are asking them to make will not only save energy, but also have a great deal of potential to save these businesses money. Therefore businesses self-certify themselves with the help of SEEDS.

How were the businesses chosen to participate in the 2010 pilot?

The ten businesses participating in the WBC! pilot were neither hand selected nor chosen randomly. All volunteered to participate. Some of these businesses already demonstrate their commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection, while others have expressed a concerted interest in learning more about techniques that can help them achieve these goals.

How can my local business or organization become involved?

If you are interested in signed up your business to participate, please let us know by emailing WBC! at wbc@seedsgroup.net or by calling 570.630.0592.