Apple Day Spa

Karen with her Hempz products.

152 Grandview Avenue

Honesdale PA, 18431

Owner: Karen Houshultz

Member Level: 42 Points; 1 Required Action Needed for Silver

No. of Employees: 16

At Apple Day Spa, recycling is taken very seriously.  Even if you are just coming in for a hair coloring or a massage, you just might be educated on how to recycle.  Karen has retrofitted many of her windows and most of her lighting.  She has installed occupancy sensors in bathrooms and uses many recycled paper products for office use.  If you ever wonder where your hair is going after you get it cut, Karen recycles waste hair to A Matter of Trust, which uses it for oil spill cleanups.

Do you think it is important to be sustainable in the workplace and why?: “Absolutely, anything you can do to be more energy efficient.  It just makes sense.”