Dave’s Super Duper

200 Willow Avenue

Honesdale PA, 18431


Owner: Dave Flederback

Member Level: 36 points, 3 required actions needed for Silver

Participant Since: 2012

No. of Employees: 75

Dave at Super Duper had already implemented several retrofits and practices that save him money and energy before even joining WBC.  He has retrofitted his fluorescent lighting saving him 20 percent in his energy costs.  He uses an insulating cover on his coolers at night to keep the conditioned air in and the food fresh longer.  For food that perishes, he donates to a farmer for composting.  Everything is recycled from cardboard to plastic, one employee, Cheryl, in particular leading the way in getting fellow employees and customers to recycle.  They even offer local milk and select organic products.

When asked about what motivated him to participate in the program Dave said it was as simple as “saving money”.