Hotel Wayne

1202 Main Street

Honesdale, PA 18431

General Manager: Jim Petorak

Member Level: 50 Points/ Silver (Only 4 Away From GOLD!)

Participant Since: 2012

No. of Employees: 25


While still keeping the historic character of the building intact, those at Hotel Wayne have managed to make extememly energy efficient.  They have their hands full with several components of the building, from the kitchen to the dining area to the hotel, but they gone over and above when it comes to sustainability.  Windows and doors are well weatherized.  Lighting has been retrofitted.  The third floor has just been renovated with efficient bathroom that decrease water consumption.  In the winter, if you’ve wondered why there is a plastic covering on the porch, it acts as a sink for the sun’s rays to heat the building.  They very rarely need to turn on their heat downstairs in the winter due to this.

When it comes to waste reduction, their fryer oil is recycled and recycling is present in all the common areas and guest rooms of the hotel.  Several post-consumer products are purchased.

Paved surfaces on the property are minimized.  Hotel Wayne is always looking for new ways they can improve.

When asked what the biggest challenges to achieving sustainability are and how they can overcome, he said very eloquently, “It helps to know what you can do.  ‘For example’ here are two things and make that as easy as possible.  Take that little step, that little obstacle.  As much as you can T it up, whether it’s time or knowledge.”