Nature’s Grace

947 Main St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 3469
Owner: James Stunkard
Member level: 42 Points/ Silver
Participant Since: 2010

No. of employees: 8-10

Years in Honesdale: 29

Most Proud of: Recycling. It’s a big commitment. Jamie estimates that he saves, sorts and recycles over 10,000 lbs of recyclables each year. Every week he drives it over to the recycling center. Kudos Jamie!

Easiest Conservation Change: CFL bulbs

Greatest Challenge: Refrigeration. Have to keep food cold. Refrigeration is a big challenge. Jamie has begun insulating his reach-in coolers at night to try to save energy.

Future Plans: Support our local economy, and create a lifestyle around it by striving to be a model for a sustainable business.