Quality Printing

533 Main Street

Honesdale PA, 18431


Owner: Patricia Bursia

Member Level: 32 Points/ 2 Required Actions Needed for Bronze

Participant Since: 2012

No. of Employees: 3

As the local printing shop providing the community with their paper needs, Quality Printing has a large opportunity to make choices that lighten their impact on the environment or not; and they are rising to the challenge.  The paper industry has come a long way in terms of sustainabilty over the years.  Forets are harvested much more consciously, and land is rotated.  Instead of housing developemnts land is preserved to be managed.  Citizens still need to buy their paper according to strict standards, as not all paper is harvested with the future in mind, Quality Printing is one business that is moving toward this ethic.  Much of the paper at Quality Printing contains 30% post-consumer recycled paper content, and they offer the option of using 100% post-consumer recycled content.

Items are printed on demand, and with digital printing technology today, there is very little waste besides the empty toner cartridge.  Their lighting has been retrofitted, and power strips are turned off each night.   Everything is recycled that can be, and they have decreased their waste to one bag of garage a week.

This is what Patti had to say:

What motivated you to participate in this program?: “It’s a good thing for our community, for our environment, and it’s good that you (SEEDS) are doing it.”

What are the largest challenges in being sustainable in the workplace?: “We don’t own the building so that tyes our hands in what we can and can’t do.”