The Dime Bank Honesdale Office

820 Church Street

Honesdale PA, 18431

Contact: Lisa Dunbar

Member Level: Newly Committed

Participant Since: 2012 (The Dime Bank Operations Center has been a member since 2010)

No. of Employees: 130

The Dime Bank Operations Center was one of the first businesses to participate in the WBC pilot program, and now they would like to make even more of an impact by implementing the program in their branch offices.  Lisa DunBar at the Honesdale office will be leading the way, and we look forward to seeing the progress they make.  They are already looking into using post-consumer recycled paper and providing bio-degradable/compostable cups for patrons drinking coffee.  If you forget your reusable mug at The Dime Bank while cashing your check, you can be relieved that the cup will return to the earth soon enough.   All of The Dime Bank offices have also retrofitted their lighting.

The Dime Bank is committed to supporting the local economy, and as one of the largest employers in Wayne County they are truly making their community a healthier and more sustainable place to live and work.

When talking with Maureen Bielman, Chief Financial Officer, and Lisa DunBar, Administrative Assistant of The Dime Bank, this is what they had to say:

Motivation for participating in the program: “It’s so simple to do the right thing.”

Largest challenge in being sustainable in the workplace: “There are some things we want to be able to do.  Education is key, so it is going to be difficult for some people.  It is just getting people to change their habits and having a pride of doing it.  Then they start doing it at home.”