Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

32 Commercial Street, Suite 200

Honesdale PA, 18431


Executive Director: Donna LaBar

Member Level: 32 Points/ Silver

Participant Since: 2012

No. of Employees: 4


The Chamber of Commerce is leading the way in energy saving for businesses of Wayne County. The Chamber has installed programmable thermostats and retrofitted all of their lighting to be more efficient. They have also installed motion sensors and high efficiency toilets in the women’s restrooms. They hope to retrofit the men’s restroom in the future, nothing against you men! With the thousands of visitors to the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce each year, a significant amount of water and energy is saved.

Not only is their building very efficient, but the employees and director, Donna LaBar, also show a strong ethic for environmental stewardship. All materials are recycled, paper is reused, non-toxic cleaners are used, and reusable eating utensils are used. They implement zone conditioning by closing off rooms from heating and cooling when not used regularly. Even simple actions such as turning off lights on a sunny day, help them conserve resources and save money.

According to Donna LaBar, what motivated the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce to conserve and participate in WBC was, “because of the traffic in the building. There were thousands of people visiting. We needed to take every opportunity we could to conserve. It’s just putting those things in place.”