Wayne Memorial Hospital

601 Park Street

Honesdale PA, 18431


Director of Facility Services: John Conte

Member Level: 41 Points/ 2 Required Actions Needed for Silver

Participant Since: 2012

Number of Employees: 550

As a center for health, the Wayne Memorial Hospital is very much leading the way in creating a healthier environment for the community. From waste reduction to sustainable purchasing to HVAC retrofitts, they have made changes in all sectors of the hospital.

John Conte, Director of Facility Service, has been performing much of this research to conserve and protect our resources and cut down on the hospital’s costs. In terms of waste reduction, over the past year, patient numbers have increased, yet the amount of waste has remained steady and their recycling has doubled! They recycle their electronic waste and have even been recognized by West Point Products for reusing their ink cartridges. In 2010 they reused 748 toners, preventing 255.2 gallons of gasoline from being consumed.

In the hospital environment, there are several types of wastes that need to be disposed of in accordance with various regulations. Often time medical waste is incinorated, releasing heavy metals or known carningogens, such as dioxin. Wayne Memorial Hospital was the first in the state to use a system called a “sani pack” which sanitizes regulated medical waste which can then be sent to the landfill.

When it comes to water conservation low flow faucet aerators have been installed in all sinks, and high efficiency toilets have been installed. Condensor loop water-cooled chillers have variable speed which adds to the efficieny of the system.

In terms of energy conservation, the building used an energy management control system, which programs equipment according to health standards for maximum efficiency. All of their interior lighting has been retrofitted, including their exit signs. They are looking into LED lighting for the parking lots.

What motivated you to participate in this program?

“Number one: it’s the right thing to do; cost reduction to organization; preservation of resources.”

What is the largest challenge in making the hospital more sustainable?

“Capital dollars. The opportunities are there; the technology is certainly there.; finding balance of finance to fund. There are several programs that help susbsidize the improvements.”

Do you think it’s important to be sustainable in the hospital? Why?

“Absolutely. It’s important, but there has to be a balance. In preserving resources, we are going to control cost into the future.”