Devan George

October 11, 2021

Devan is a Honesdale, PA native. She attended Honesdale High School and volunteered with and learned from many local environmental organizations, such as NEPA Audubon, SEEDS, and Lacawac Sanctuary. These interactions sparked a lifelong passion for the environment and inspired Devan’s career plans.

Devan received her B.S. in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability from the University of New Hampshire and a M.S. in Entomology from University of Delaware. Before starting her current role as the Communications Coordinator with Pike County Conservation District, Devan worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, in their agricultural research service, Dow AgroScience as a research and development intern, Cornell University as a summer researcher and Lacawac Sanctuary as an environmental educator.

Environmental education being a lifelong passion of hers, Devan always made time for sharing what she was working on and the things that she learned with the communities she lived in. So taking on the responsibilities as an Outreach Circle Rep at SEEDS is right up her alley!