Jane Bollinger

October 11, 2021

Growing up in in Southeast PA in a home where mom cooked three meals a day “from scratch,” Jane developed a lifelong taste for “real” food that today fuels her passion for promoting sustainable agriculture and advocating for farmers, who deserve to make a living wage.

Jane is a member of the volunteer working group Wayne Agriculture Tomorrow and past co-chair of Wayne County Grown. For a decade of summers, Jane did a live cooking demonstration at the Wayne County Farmers Market.

Before retiring to the country, Jane held editing, reporting and writing positions at ABC’s Good Morning America, The Scranton Times-Tribune and The River Reporter. Jane currently serves as president of the board of trustees at Bethany Public Library.

Ever the “foodie,” Jane can always find time to cook “from scratch” at home. She lives in the wilds of Dyberry Township with her husband David Huggard on a dead-end dirt road with the bears and the wild turkeys.