Do-It-Yourself Solar Workshop – Honesdale in June 2016

DIY Solar - Wayne County 2016


DIY Solar PowerPoint Presentation

Enphase Microinverter

Solar Costs and Savings – updated June 2016

VIDEOS of first night workshop

Part 1 – Intro and Overview – Jack Barnett

Part 2 – Jack (con’t)

Part 3 – Installer Blair Buselli – part 1

Part 4 – Buselli part 2


Full video of the 2 night workshop will be available soon.


Past Forums


Tues. Mar 29th – EDIBLE YARDS

This forum was presented by an 8 person panel who shared tips on how to grow healthy food; becoming more self-reliant;  and creating a bio-diverse environment for a healthy planet.  Topics including: raising chickens, foraging, growing fruit trees and beekeeping. Panelists agreed to post their contact information if you have questions.

Nathaniel Whitmore spoke about Foraging;

Bobby Morgan spoke about Growing Blueberries:

Sarah Hall-Bagdonas spoke about Natural Corridors and Native

Allison Peck spoke about mixing ornamentals and

Jessie Cacavale spoke about how to raise bees:

Ed Pruss and Kathy Dodge talked about raising chickens. Don’t miss Kathy’s video.

And Jane Bollinger talked about the Community Garden located near Ellen Memorial. Email her for further info:

This forum was videotaped. Please see Part 1, 2 and 3 below.


2015 SEEDS’ Annual Membership Meeting was held at The Cooperage on Tues. Sept 15th. Food was prepared by Ant Hill Farms kitchen. Our business meeting was followed by a presentation of the highlights of last year’s activities, ending with the announcement of the 6 non-profits selected to received energy efficiency upgrades as per grants SEEDS received; special guests Cheryl and Stu Badner of Corporate Waste Consultants discussed the sustainability initiatives at Honesdale’s Roots and Rhythm festivals; SEEDS Chair Kathy Dodge and Pete Snyder re-introduced a skit first performed at our Smart Landscaping forum earlier this year.

Videos of the meeting are available by clicking the links: Annual Meeting Part I ; Annual Meeting part II


DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLAR WORKSHOP in Sullivan County Pa. Weds. and Thurs June 24 and 25

Videos from first night: Part I; Part II; Part III

Second night sessions: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV; Part V

Another DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLAR WORKSHOP – Tues and Weds Jun 16 and 17 from 7 – 9 pm at the Wayne County Conservation District. This was our 3rd annual 2 night workshop on DIY solar installation. Attendees learned about how solar works, how much it costs, and receive hands on training on how to install it yourself.

Videos of Night One: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Videos of Night Two: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

GREEN CLEANING (back by popular demand!) – Tues May 12 from 7 – 9 pm at the Damascus Community Center  at 60 Conklin Road, Damascus, PA 18415. This forum featured Dr. Carl Milks, an expert in allergies, Gudrun Feigl f Mt. Pleasant Herbary who grows herbs and flowers to make her own cleaning products, and Janet Brown, owner of Green Leaf Cleaning Partners – a residential green cleaning service. All discussed how and why to avoid harmful chemicals while cleaning your home and body. Get recipes and learn fun, safe and cheap ways to clean by watching videos of this forum. Click the links below to view the videos.

Green Leaf – Green Cleaning Brochure

janet and audience ii

Green Cleaning Flyer 4-3-15

Dr. Milks part I;   Dr. Milks part II;   Dr. Milks part III

Gudrun Feigl – Owen of Mt. Pleasant Herbary

Janet Brown – Owner of Green Leaf Cleaning Partners

A SEEDS newsletter reader shared the following article with us that she had written on the same topic: 11 Simple DIY Green Cleaning Products For A Healthier Home


SMART LANDSCAPING – Tues April 21st  7 – 9 pm at The Wayne County Conservation District – 648 Park St in Honesdale.    This forum was co-sponsored by the Northeast PA Audubon Society to share tips on how to save energy in your own back yard and learn how to plant for a healthy habitat.

Jason Curtis -Smart Landscaping

Presenters included Jason Curtis, a landscape architect from Philly, a Wayne county native, who discussed how to plant for maximum energy efficiency, native vs. non native plant species; Tim Lauffenberger who discussed the concept of permaculture;  Kathy Dodge, who is both our SEEDS Chair, and a NEPA Audubon Board member – presented backyard habitat info and gardening tips, and Robert Muller, Manager of the Wayne Conservation District who discussed the office’s history and services. Thanks to the Conservation District and The Audubon Society for donating door prize items that included a backyard landscape resource book and a mason bee house. Over 10 people left with free saplings!


November 12th, PPL’s E-Power Solutions Team sponsored: Reducing Energy Costs….SIGNIFICANTLY, along with SEEDS and NEPA Alliance’s Energy Resource Center

bob rozema

This was a case study and “how to” session for large businesses and schools to learn how to implement energy       upgrade projects of their own, financing alternatives and grants available. Robert Rozema, Wallenpaupack School District’s director of facilities presented this compelling seminar sharing details of the $12.8 million energy efficiency upgrade project and its greater than expected energy savings. Please email for further information about energy efficiency rebates, incentives and grants available.


brain stafford

SEEDS wants to help you achieve your energy conservation goals!




October 9th – Find it – Fix it! A Home Energy Efficiency Workshop   Find It – Fix It Flyer

FiFi with curls

SEEDS presented our evening of energy saving tricks and tips at the Pike County Public Library. SEEDS was invited by the Greater Pike Community Foundation, and the event was co-sponsored by the Library. Participants learned about simple, inexpensive ways to find energy problems, and to fix them. Many of the suggestions come from the findings of our TEAAM (The Energy Awareness Action Movement) program that offers free home energy assessments in the summer months (pending funding).  Click on Checklist – Oct 2014 for 15 ways to start saving energy!   

Checklist – Oct 2014


Sept 16th  – SEEDS Annual Membership Meeting and Sustainability Innovations forum, featuring High Fuel Efficient Cars! Annual Meeting and Car Show Flyer 2 – FinalAnnual Meeting - Car Show 9-16-14






Chair Report presented by K Dodge

Treasurer’s Report  presented by D Hoffman

Executive Director’s Report Part 1  and Part 2 with Approval of 2013 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes presented by J Cramer


Sustainability Innovations presented by L Reeger

Evocative Innovations presented by A Snyder

Clean Energy Co-op presented by J Barnett

July 15th – High Performance, Zero Net-Energy Homes – Flyer

Videos Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 P

art 4

  June 17th and 24th  – Do It- Yourself Solar              20140624_201626

Please click this link for the Solar Photovoltaic Hand Out discussed at the event:

Click here for the flyer  – DIY Solar Flyer

Here are documents shared at this event: 1.DIY Solar – Plot Plan 2.DIY Solar – Eletrcial One-Line 3.DIY Solar Overview 4.pathfinder report

Videos 1st Night – June 17th –  Part 1  and Part 2

2nd Night  – June 24th  – Part 1     Part 2 Part 3  Part 4     Part 5

May 20th  – Green Cleaning  Green Cleaning Flyer – III

Several documents were shared at this event. Click the links below to access: 1. Green Leaf Cleaning Recipe brochure – GreenLeaf Forum Brochure 2. Green Cleaning Sources and How to Make your own SwifferSwiffer and Sources 3. Mount Pleasant Herbary Cleaning Recipes More information about Mount Pleasant Herbary and their products can be viewed at:

Dr. Carl Milks (Board Certified Asthma, Allergy and Immunolgy) recommended the following articles:


This event packed The Cooperage with over 70 people on a snowy night in April. Attendees included local farmers, SEEDS members and folks interested in learning more about how to match local food production with demand. Speakers included Bob Muller from the Wayne Conservation District, Andy Whyte from Wayne County Office of Human Services and others present including Commissioner Brian Smith.

Click below to read Skip Mendler’s article published in the Wayne Independent.

Food Hub Article page 1. Food Hub Article – pg 2

Mar 18th  – HEATING YOUR WATER EFFICIENTLYHeating Your Home and Water More Efficiently Flyer

Listen to Gordon Smith on WJFF’s Radio program for a preview of the Heating Your Water Efficiently forum….his discussion occurs at minute 14 of the hour long program. Making Waves – Monday, March 3, 2014 8PM – DOWNLOAD


This was our first forum of the year, and the first in a two part series on how to heat your home and hot water more efficiently. Presenters for both events were SEEDS Advisory Committee members Gordon Smith and Larry Reeger.


January 29 – Energy Efficient Lighting for Your Business  – Energy Efficient Lighting Luncheon


Seminar for area businesses photo a April – 3 night workshop – Do-It-Yourself Solar Installation – DIY Solar Press release[1] Oct 8 – Find It – Fix it! A Home Energy Efficiency Workshop – cosponsored by PPL at their Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center – Find It – Fix It Flyer





April 17 – All Things Solar March 20 – Solar PV #3 May 15 – Round Buildings:  Living Outside the Box June 19 – Climate Change: Is it Real? Is it a Hoax? September 22 – Insulation October 20 – A Financial Analysis of Renewable Energy: Solar Power


May 24, 2011 – Shades of Green in Construction and Renovation Part 2 April 26, 2011 – Shades of Green in Construction and Renovation Part 1 March 29, 2011 – Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About Sustainable Energy April 26, 2011 – Green Building  Part 1 May 24, 2011 – Green Building  Part 2 June 21, 2011 – Electric Car and Tractor Conversion July 26, 2011 – Bio Fuels from Farm to Home Heat September 20, 2011 – Straw Bale Building October 24, 2011 – “Do-It-Yourself” tips for Weatherizing Your Home  To be held at the PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Center in Hawley, PA.


April 27, 2010 – Residential Wind Power ; Sept 14, 2010Get Renewable Energy Through The Grid

This was also the year SEEDS launched 350 Saved, (350 kWh Saved – press release) and Wayne Businesses Conserve (WBC)


July 11, 2009 – Home and Hearth Series: Insect Tour June 13, 2009 – Home and Hearth Series: Weed Identification May 12, 2009 – Food Sovereignty April 25, 2009 – Home and Hearth Series: Visioning in the Garden April 21, 2009 – Do It Yourself Energy Conservation March 10, 2009 – Western Wayne’s New “Green School” February 10, 2009 – Do It Yourself Energy Conservation


December 16, 2008 – Geothermal Energy November 18, 2008 – Solar Power October 14, 2008 – Energy Audits for Home and Farm October 11, 2008 – Home and Hearth Series: Fermented Foods September 27, 2008 – Home and Hearth Series: Seed Saving September 16, 2008 – Forest Fuels August 30, 2008 – Home and Hearth Series: Herbal Healing and Harvest August 23, 2008 – Home and Hearth Series: Making Contact with Nature August 19, 2008 – Water Conservation July 15,  2008 – Individual Wind Power in Northeast Pennsylvania