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Like using a personal trainer to improve your health, this SEEDS program allows you to make saving money on energy a priority, and provides simple steps and advice to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Each year, we select local high school students who are passionate about the environment and would make good ambassadors for SEEDS. They undergo training in basic building science and arrive at your home, accompanied by adult SEEDS volunteers, prepared to guide homeowners to greater efficiency.

Homeowners will walk the exterior and interior of their homes with our team of assessors as they point out possible improvements, behavioral or physical. Home owners are then asked to share energy bills to help document the energy savings these improvements produce. Northeastern PA families are saving tens of thousands of dollars as a result of this program.

This program is free. Click HERE to sign up, as space is limited each year.


SEEDS offers FREE Home Energy Assessments to residents of Wayne and Pike Counties. Due to some additional funding, we are now offering this service to residents in Lackawanna County as well.

SEEDS is very grateful for continued support from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, as well as the Overlook Foundation and, most recently, the Clif Bar Family Foundation, which has provided funds to help us enhance this program. This enabled us to hire an additional student and create a better program for you!

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2017 – 2018 program (Students: Shea, Lacy, Nate, and Wesley (horizontal))

2016 – 2017 program

2014 – 2015 program. Jeremy, a student assessor from previous year, returns as a student supervisor, and assists with the program. After graduating from Penn State in environmental engineering in 2017 , Jeremy returned to the program as an adult volunteer and provided training for the new students. 

2015 – 2016 program students: Kyle, Jake and Ali.

SEEDS has sponsored a scholarship since 2016 in memory of Michael “Jake” Burkhardt. “If all of us did as much as Jake had accomplished in his short, shining life, I would not worry about our planet”, stated SEEDS Executive Director Jocelyn, who worked with Jake on the free energy assessment program.