Transportation accounts for approximately 25% of the worlds energy demand. About 30% of US green house gas emissions come from transportation.The energy required to get staff to and from work can easily exceed the energy used at an office on a daily basis. While we don’t have very many public transportation options in North Eastern Pennsylvania (yet!), we can begin to reduce energy use in this sector by encouraging employees to find alternative means to driving. Offering incentives to bike, walk or carpool to work are great ways to reduce this impact.

Link to Federal Tax Credits for Electronic Vehicles


Federal Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles Purchased in or after 2010

Federal Tax Credit Up To $7,500!


Link to PA Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program

SUV Graphic Image

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) offers an opportunity for commonwealth residents to apply for a rebate to assist with the incremental cost for the purchase of a new alternative fuel vehicle, including plug-in hybrid, plug-in electric, natural gas, propane or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Man filling car at gas pump graphic

You can save $$$ at the pump!

Link to article: Electric Car Buyer’s Guide


EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide

Use this guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs. Low emissions and good fuel economy are both important for the environment and can save you and your employees money.

Develop a Commuter Survey

A commuter survey administered to all staff and personnel at your business is a simple and easy way to determine how much energy your staff is using to get to a from work. Using the collected information, you can assess your energy use and begin to develop approaches to limiting this consumption. You can create your own, or use this simple survey.

Sign up to Carpool on E-Ride Share

For anyone who commutes daily, here is a place to add your ride offerings and ride needs. Carpooling can cut fuel expenses in half (often even more!), decrease wear-and-tear on cars, and makes traveling in work or school or church more enjoyable!

WBC! encourages businesses to offer incentives to employees for carpooling!

PA Commutes

PACommutes is a fun, interactive website that can help you find more information on all the forms of alternative transportation available in PA. Learn how to start a carpool system or calculate how much you are spending on your monthly and yearly commute.

Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association

PPTA is dedicated to advocating and strengthening the role of public transportation and improving the quality of life for all Pennsylvania citizens.

PA Bike Routes

Did you know that PA Department of Transportation advertises 9 bicycle tours and one of them, “Route Y” runs right through Wayne County and Honesdale?

Find our your Walkability Score

Discover how walkable your location is by using Walk Score. Encouraging employees and customers to walk around town encourages environmental stewardship and local shopping while giving us the chance to promote our area!