SEEDS’ New Bylaws

As part of our strategic planning process, the SEEDS Board has performed a comprehensive review of the organization’s bylaws. This review has resulted in a number of changes (see the “Summary of Changes” and link to “SEEDS Bylaws” below).

The SEEDS Board is submitting these new bylaws for a vote by the SEEDS membership at our 2020 Annual Membership Meeting.

Please feel free to submit any questions or concerns to the SEEDS Board by emailing us at:

Summary of Changes

  • Updated to reflect SEEDS’ current mission statement (as approved in 2019).
  • Sets the membership meeting quorum to 20 (instead of 3% of membership).
  • Combines Recording and Corresponding Secretaries positions into a single Board officer position named Secretary.
  • Changes the selection process and role of Circle Representatives, and defines how Circle Representatives become Board Members.
  • Changes term limits for all Board positions to be limited to three consecutive 2-year terms.
  • Clarifies the process for removing a Board Member.
  • Makes various legal language updates including virtual meetings, new no-inurements article, and other changes consistent with non-profit status.
  • Makes wording improvements and formatting and numbering changes.

SEEDS Bylaws

Click Here for the draft copy of the proposed bylaws.