SEEDS’ Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

In 2018, the SEEDS Board of Directors committed to revising the organization’s Strategic Plan.  Work on developing SEEDS’ Strategic Plan began during the January 2019 SEEDS Board’s annual retreat.  Four workgroups were established and worked through the end of July 2019.

The Strategic Plan identifies the following six goals with specific strategies, objectives, and actions supporting each of the goals:

  • Ensure SEEDS has sufficient human resources. 
  • Ensure SEEDS has appropriate governance structure.
  • Ensure SEEDS has sufficient financial resources to achieve its mission.
  • Develop an effective outreach plan to articulate SEEDS’ mission and core messages to its target audiences.
  • Ensure SEEDS has an appropriate organizational structure for the renewable energy & energy efficiency spaces.
  • Identify current & future projects/programs for the new Energy Circle.

To review the current draft of our new Strategic Plan in its entirety, please click the following link: SEEDS’ Strategic Plan.