Larry Reeger

October 12, 2021

Larry is the Sustainability Coordinator at SUNY Sullivan and works as an Associate Professor of Green Building and Renewable Energy Technologies teaching tomorrow’s green work force. Larry has developed, refreshed and implemented over thirty different courses while working as at the college. Larry’s diverse and extensive experiences include working as an engineer and technical trainer in an automated manufacturing facility, certified journeyman machinist, certified building analyst, residential construction, and working at a local wind farm as a wind technician. Larry has been trained by the US Department of Energy and is recognized as a solar trainer in the Solar Trainer Network. He has helped SEEDS collaborate with Wayne County’s local Habitat for Humanity Building Committee to use solar technology for Habitat homes. Larry helped lead our Heating Efficiently forums in 2014 and more recent home energy efficiency programs, and helps train our assessment team members. SEEDS is fortunate that he fits us into his very busy schedule!