Consider lending your time to SEEDS! We welcome new members, volunteers, and ideas. Join us if you would like to help SEEDS continue to grow. You don’t have to be an expert in sustainable energy to be of service. We are seeking individuals who wish to help our mission by donating a couple of hours virtually or in the office each week, by helping us coordinate forums, workshops, and fundraiser parties, or by being our member/volunteer coordinator.

Contact  info@seedsgroup.net or call (570) 245–1256 to learn more.

Book Share Volunteers Needed

The 12th annual Free Book Share is on September 16-17th, 2023!

To volunteer for any of the following tasks, please contact Jess at info@seedsgroup.net.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Clean shelves
  • Set up signs
  • Volunteer greeter (mostly sit down) log volunteers in and out, give out name tags / T-shirts
  • Traffic Control – Greet cars and direct them to the book drop off / the entrance to the swap
  • Drop Off – Help unload books from donors, counting books and logging count, moving books to sorting tables
  • Sorting – separating books by categories
  • Runners – shelving books
  • Public Greeter
  • Check out – count books and log
  • Clean up crew – remove covers from hardcover books that will be recycled, box up paperbacks
  • Breakdown boxes

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer please share this with them. Volunteers are needed for these schedules:

September 14-16 book drop off
9/14 Thursday       Drop offs       12-6
9/15 Friday            Drop offs          9-4
9/16 Saturday       Drop offs            9-12        

  • Carrying boxes
  • Sorting books
  • Book Runner (Putting books out on tables/ shelves)

September 16-17    Open to the public
9/16 Saturday       9-4
9/17 Sunday        10-3  

  • Carrying boxes
  • Sorting books
  • Book Runner (Putting books out on tables/ shelves)
  • Assist the public 

9/ 18 Monday     Clean up crew

Borrow or Donate!

We need lumber/boards between 4′-8′ lengths for shelving!

We need milk crates!

Donate reusable bags!