Solar Projects and Forums

SEEDS holds regular forums on solar energy and solar PV. On June 13, 2018 our Do-It-Yourself Solar PV Installation Workshop was part of our volunteer project to install 8.4kW of solar PV on the Lacawac Sanctuary Visitor Center. The workshop slides are available in PDF format: Part 1 and Part 2.

Our most recent installation project was during summer of 2020 at the Highlights Foundation Conference and Retreat Center at Boyd’s Mills. A group of SEEDS and Highlights Foundation volunteers worked together to install a 33.3kW array on the roof of a building leased by the Foundation, next door to its Retreat Center in Milanville, Pennsylvania. The volunteer effort lasted for six days and involved the installation of the scaffolding, roof rails, optimizers, wiring, and the photovoltaic solar panels themselves. Overall, the project consisted of 90 roof-mounted, 370W solar panels, installed in 5 rows of 18 each. Read more about this project in our press release.

If you’re curious about the payback on a solar project you can check out our Solar Costs and Savings guide for residential solar PV investment.