Local Food

Local Meat Buying Guide

Here is a list of local farms and butchers that sell or broker locally grown meat, including poultry. This list is just the ones we know about; if you know of others, please let us know at info@seedsgroup.net , and we will add to this list on our website.

In addition to wanting to support local farmers and having fresher meat that doesn’t travel as far, some of us are interested in this because of the new agreement with China, allowing import of cooked chicken in exchange for China opening up their market for US beef. China has had food quality control problems in the past. You can read more about the trade deal HERE.

Here is the list we have compiled so far, in alphabetical order by town:

Local Farmers Market

Want to know where you can buy fresh, local food in NEPA? Check out this food atlas.

This new clickable atlas shows closest farms and markets to you, bridging the gap between consumers and producers. This means a user-friendly map directory, listings of businesses that support local farm production, agri-tourism programs and events, as well as educational opportunities for producers at 𝐍𝐎 𝐂𝐎𝐒𝐓.

But right now, what this project needs most is your viva voce!
• If you are a local farmer, fill out this simple form to place your business on the map.
• If you are a local business and want to support local food efforts, embed this map on your website.
• If you are a foodie, taste the wonderful produce available in our area and share the map with your friends.

Local Farms

Eating food from local farms ensures the food is fresher and more nutritious, supports your neighbors and the local economy, and reduces transportation costs, spoilage and vitamin loss, and carbon emitted when food is shipped in from other states or even other countries. It’s not always obvious how to find out about all the local farmers markets, so we’ve listed the ones we know about here. The list below may not be complete: please let us know about any in the area that we forgot. This list doesn’t include farm stands or shops for individual farms, or permanent shops that sell local farmers’ products. Check the websites for the most up-to-date information.

When outdoors: Callicoon Creek Park (Audley Dorrer Drive)

Sundays, YEAR ROUND(outdoors May through Nov 5)


Bingham Park (4 Main St)

Fridays, May through October


Stourbridge Pie (The Cooperage at 1030 Main St) Nearly Year Round

2nd Saturdays, May through October (See website for times)

Saturdays, weekly Nov 4 to Dec 23 biweekly Jan6 to Mar31

Winter market hours: 11am –1 pm

Scranton Co-op Farmers Market (900 Barring Ave, behind Glider Diner)

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays (mid-July to Thanksgiving Eve)