Green Cleaning

In May, 2014, SEEDS and PPL c0-sponsored a forum titled: Green Cleaning.

This event featured Dr. Carl Milks, an allergy specialist, who discussed indoor air quality, and warned against the irritants in scented candles and air fresheners. He also talked about healthy bacteria, and there being no need for anti-bacterial products. Janet Brown of Green Leaf Cleaning Partners is a professional home cleaner, and launch her business as a GREEN cleaning service. Janet provided recipes for home made cleaning products that do not use harmful chemicals, and do a great job! She also loves reusable Gleen Cleaning Rags. Janet also provided a how to guide to make your own Swiffer duster. Nora Eisenberg, a journalist and novelist who has focused on the environmental impacts of war, joined this discussion via Skype, to warn against the truly harmful nature of the chemicals used in every day cleaning products. Finally, Gudrun Feigle, who started Mount Pleasant Herbary, grows her own herbs and spices for household and body cleaning products.

Click the You Tube Links below to see presentations May 20th  – GREEN CLEANING FORUM – Green Cleaning Flyer – III

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1. Green Leaf Cleaning Recipe brochure – GreenLeaf Forum Brochure

2. Green Cleaning Sources and How to Make your own SwifferSwiffer and Sources

3. Mount Pleasant Herbary Product Information – to be posted soon 4. Mount Pleasant Herbary Cleaning Recipes – to be posted soon