The many lessons on life…

July 14, 2011

Don’t inhale fiberglass.  Don’t touch asbestos.  Don’t breathe in asbestos [I did some research, it’s not worth it].  Wear sneakers while doing assesments.  Just because a home has soffit vents, it does not mean that the attic is actually ventilated. Interning for SEEDS has been an interesting learning experience.  From the beautiful living spaces of the awesome homeowners, to the cobwebs of the forgotten crawl spaces, my experiences with energy assessing have been worth wile.  “What have you learned this week?”… here is a simple, but complicated question.  Can I answer it all in one blog post?  Sure, but I’m not going to.  All I can say is that AIR SEALING is extremely important.  Also, if the homeowner has a rotting, wooden door with a puddle of water surrounding it, then an upgrade is needed.  One other thing, when there is a giant gap in the foundation where a window should be and there is no actual floor… RUN.  Safety first.  I’ve enjoyed all this past weeks moments, scary and non scary alike.  This internship has taught me how to be brave… and how to have Energy Awareness.  Go Seeds!

-Liz Danon