2017 Green Business Award Winners!

October 24, 2017

The Chamber of the Northern Poconos honors 2 Green Businesses

SEEDS is a proud co-sponsor of the Chamber of the Northern Poconos Annual Awards dinner, and has been presenting the Green Business Award to those implementing innovative sustainability practices for 7 years now.

This year, 2 winners were selected,  a non-profit winner, The Cooperage Project, and a for-profit winner, Leeward Construction. The selection of these two winners demonstrates how much can be done, and how innovative every company can be.

The Cooperage Project (where the SEEDS office is located) has put sustainability at the fore front of its mission since its inception. The implementation of an industrial pelletizer resulted after extensive research and a desire to heat the community building without the use of fossil fuels. Recently, the Cooperage rooftop was fitted with a solar array that generates 100% of the buildings electricity’s needs. The system was installed and will be maintained by the Clean Energy Co-op (www.cleanenergy.coop) and the Cooperage has along term contract for the electricy generated solely from the sun. The Cooperage also purchases earth friendly cleaning and paper products, has a robust recycling program and sponsors a local farmers market designed to create a larger customer base and revenue for our local farmers.

Leeward Construction also submitted an application with details about extensive recycling efforts plant wide. The oil they use to run the Asphalt Plant is recycled oil. Recycling oil is the separation, collection and recovery of useful materials from manufactures into new products or raw materials. These materials cannot be directly reused and would otherwise be discarded as waste. Some materials are ‘technically” but not economically recyclable. True recycling has not occurred until recycled materials are used in the production of new products.

In 2016, Leeward used approximately 180,000 gallons of recycled oil to run the Asphalt Plant and 6,480 tons of Liquid Asphalt. A lot of the recycled oil they use comes from cruise ships.

Leeward also purchased a “BAGALA” to recycle their Asphalt, the most efficient asphalt recycler in the industry. They have provided interesting details on the process, and can be read by clocking on the link below.

Leeward Construction Green Business Practice Details

SEEDS would like to congratulate both winners!

Green business practices can:

reduce fossil fuels

reduce the use of harmful chemicals

increase customer base

add to employee retention 

save money!


Are you the next Green Business Award winner in our area? If you need help making sustainable goals, implementing a “green team” or interested in the rebates and incentives available for energy efficiency/renewable energy, please contact SEEDS @ (570) 245 – 1256; jocelyn@seedsgroup.net.

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