Energy Conservation spreading from Honesdale

July 14, 2011

The past week has been a very interesting and exciting one! From the exciting trips to the homeowner’s houses to the laughs and frustration of completing reports back at the office, we have all been having quite the experience as Interns here at SEEDs. Just when I thought the intensive training was all of the information that I could retain, I learned more and more as the week went on. It seems pretty obvious that some homeowners are clueless about how to save energy, while others are just making sure they are doing everything possible to save energy. We are here to educate the people who don’t know how to be energy conscious. I’ve seen a lot of interesting things already, and it’s only been the first week! Just by assessing homes, we are giving homeowners easy ways to save energy and money. We even give them a complementary CFL lightbulb from FROMM electric! I’m excited to educate locals about energy conservation. I have even encouraged my own family to start making changes. One by one we can change the world for the better. It’s time we spread the word. Join the TEAAM!

-Sarah Schaeffer