Energy Star Efficient

July 5, 2011

Would you recognize the label for an Energy Star refrigerator, light bulb, or washing machine if you saw one? Energy Star is a program operated by two programs such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. This joint program was created to help people save money and energy to protect their environment. When this program first started the goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A few of these products that have Energy Star labels are heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators, computers, monitors, light bulbs,windows, washer and dryers. Three million homes per year could be lit with the energy saved by Energy Star if every American home replaced one light bulb with a CFL bulb (sponsored by Energy Star). If you were to purchase new appliances in your home go Energy Star efficient. To check if the appliance is Energy Star efficient, look on the outside of the machine or door. If not in plain sight, look inside the appliance behind the door near the hinges for the label. This program has successfully carried energy and cost savings across the nation. Businesses, organizations and consumers have all benefitted from Energy Star and saved about eighteen billion dollars in just 2010. With Energy Star in our economy we should all consider installing a new and efficient appliance that will profit our homes’ energy and environment in the future.

Intern Abby Carmody