Forum-Green Biomass Fuels: Growing Fuels for a Cleaner Future

July 21, 2011

Green Biomass Fuels: Growing Fuels for a Cleaner Future

Even though it is hot outside, we want you to start preparing for the cold winter ahead.  Find out about new ways to produce and use biomass fuel at our next public forum, Tuesday, July 26 from 7 to 9 at the Wayne County Conservation District Office in Honesdale, Pa.

Farm and forest owners can learn about growing and producing new fuels from switch grass to wood left-overs.  Homeowners will get information about using non-fossil fuels for heat with minimal carbon pollution.

The speakers will be: Bob Thomas, trained in promoting, growing and using native grasses for pelletizing and gasification, and a member of the Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation and Development Council; Paul Reining, Forest Specialist at the Wayne County Conservation District and long time local woodsman and timber harvester; and Phil Buckingham, with 27 years in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, service & installation, has been trained in renewable energies and high efficiency heating.

The forum is free; refreshments will be available.  The Conservation District Office is at 648 Park Street (Route 6 West) in Honesdale.  For more information call 224-0052.