Got Mold?

July 29, 2011


Mold… it’s one of the lovely things many homeowners must deal with. It can occur anywhere, from the basement to the bathroom. Once those little specks of black start forming, one knows there is a problem. It is easy to get mold, in fact it’s even free! Though, getting rid of this problematic fungus is not easy, and is not free. So, how does a homeowner get rid of mold? First, one must start by finding out what the source is. A degree in secret investigation is not needed for this, but this step may take some problem solving.For instance, if there is not proper ventilation in a bathroom to remove the moisture, then mold is likely to start collecting. Installing a venting system would remove the stagnant moisture from the bathroom and hopefully hinder the spread of mold. After finding and correcting the source, one must treat the mold to actually get rid of it. Here is a link on some ways to treat America’s favorite fungus.

-Liz Danon