If you missed our EDIBLE YARDS forum….

May 17, 2016


SEEDS invited 8 panelists to speak about maximizing the food from your own yard. The event was produced with the cooperation of PASA (PA Association of Sustainable Agriculture) and The Penn State Master Gardners.


edible yards if you missed...

Panelists shared tips on how to grow healthy food; become more self-reliant;  and create a bio-diverse environment for a healthy planet.  Topics including: raising chickens, foraging, growing fruit trees and beekeeping. Panelists agreed to post their contact information if you have questions.

IF YOU MISSED IT….Video of the entire event can be viewed at http://seedsgroup.net/forums/

But definitely check out “Raising Chickens” a video filmed and edited (with the help of the experts at The Stourbridge Project) by SEEDS’ own Chairperson, Kathy Dodge. (It is the last Edible Yards video on our Forum page)