Inspired by spring in NEPA

March 31, 2020

We’ve recently shared a PennLive article about common spring wildflowers in Pennsylvania on our FB page. Because there are so many new hikers visiting our parks, some may not know how important it is not to pick the flowers you encounter, especially early in spring. Wildflowers support whole ecosystems for pollinators, birds, and small animals, who depend on seeds, nectar, and pollen for their food supply and life support system. And because some pollinators are not very mobile, have very small home ranges or depend on just one species of plant, it’s always wise to admire, not pick, the flower.

In light of this wonderful time, we’ve created a no-pick scavenger hunt you can do with your kids while you are out on a hike. Feel free to download it onto your phone or share it with friends and family!

SEEDS No-Pick Wildflower Scavenger Hunt p.1
SEEDS No-Pick Wildflower Scavenger Hunt p.2
SEEDS No-Pick Wildflower Scavenger Hunt p.3