Please consider a donation to SEEDS. Help us reach a healthier future SOONER!

December 15, 2015


Dear Sustainability Supporters,

SEEDS recently mailed our year-end summary/fundraising letter. We ask you to help us with donations to generate operating costs, that are harder to gain through our grant/foundation requests. This year-end appeal is accompanied by a description of our accomplishments. Click here to read: SEEDS 2015 Year-End Summary and Fundraising Request.

Donations can be made online by clicking HERE, or you can mail a check payable to SEEDS to 1030 Main Street – 2nd Floor of The Cooperage Honesdale, PA 18431.

If you have sent a donation, please know that our SEEDS Board and executive director work hard to do a great deal with our small operating budget….and YOUR DONATIONS HELP MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE!!!  We are very grateful.

Enjoy a safe and healthy 2016!

Thank you from all of us at SEEDS!

Kathy Dodge – Chair

Chuck Heyn – Assistant Chair

Mary Anne Carletta – Corresponding Secretary

Doni Hoffman – Treasurer

Cindy Matthews – Recording Secretary

Jamie Knecht – Board Member

Jack Barnett – Board Member

Ella Hoerning – Board Member

Jocelyn Cramer – Executive Director