THANK YOU TO ALL who attended The Peoples Climate Change March in NYC on Sept 21

July 25, 2014
SEEDS sponsored a  full bus to the People’s Climate Change demonstration to New York City on Sunday, September 21.   World leaders gathered at the UN for a landmark summit on climate change and people came from all parts of the country as well as gathering in cities and villages across the world, urging action.  
In past years, SEEDS, Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support of NEPA based in Honesdale, has held local demonstrations and gone to Washington DC urging the government to take action to keep the carbon in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million.  As it has well exceeded that, SEEDS now is taking this concern to world leaders in what is hoped will be the largest climate support demonstration in the history of the United States.
“Each of us does day to day things to show Mother Earth we care, like recycling and turning out the lights.  This is an opportunity to go beyond and physically join with people all over the world,” said Seeds member, Michele Sands.