Recap and SEEDS picnic party

December 27, 2010

Hi SEEDS folk!
-First a recap of an “interesting” year as in “may-you-live-in-interesting-times”,
-Then an invitation to our first annual SEEDS Picnic,
-Finally what’s happening in NEPA sustainable living.

Hope you can wade through it all, (after all, we’re getting pretty used to sloshing) but be sure to come to the potluck/picnic.

What a Year!
For a year now, SEEDS has been harrowing, planting, weeding—add just about any gardening/agricultural metaphor you can think of and SEEDS has done it, or tried to, these last 12 months.

Our monthly Forums have opened the fields on Small Wind, Water Conservation and Energy, Forest Fuels, Energy Auditing, Geothermal, Solar Photo Voltaic and Solar Thermal, PP&L Smart Metering, Hamlin’s Green School, Do-it-Yourself Energy Conservation and Food Sovereignty; with small workshops on sustainable gardening besides. Over 300 people attended these forums, many becoming “regulars,” and our mailing list is almost as large. People really do want to know about Sustainable Energy and Living.

And when there was no one to “farm” sustainable energy, we began training programs for basic installation and maintenance of solar photo voltaic, solar thermal and small wind. Not only did we train 10 local contractors, many of whom are now installing and seeking state and national certification, but the internet and word of mouth drew contractors from Ohio, Long Island, Philadelphia, Buffalo and New York as well. We also pollinated other groups, telling Wayne social workers about the necessity and effects of sustainable living; and Middle Schoolers about Green Jobs at the county-wide Career Day; and shared our story at many local green fairs.

SEEDS cross-fertilized with the Wayne Conservation Office, the Penn State Extension office, Workforce Wayne, the The Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Audubon Society, WaynePeace, PPL and two international groups, the Pachamama Alliance and Transition Towns, coming this fall.

And all this in a tornado: the economy has crashed, oil prices have roller-coasted, gas drilling into and pumping out of our land continues to be an issue; we’ve now a President who at least promotes Green, and a climate change bill passed by the House.

Okay, Okay, I’m getting carried away with this metaphor stuff, but one more. A seed is an embryo with food to get it going until the plant can grow on its own. We, the basic board of eight, have been working on these ideas with the “food” of all of you who have come to the forums, shared your ideas, baked cookies, set out chairs, responded to emails, and supported our seed in so many ways.

SEEDS Picnic Potluck Party
So now, let’s share our “food” with a potluck—see, no more metaphor, real meat and potatoes on Tuesday, July 28 from 6 to 9 (see attachment). We’ll have ways you can add your ideas, your continued sustenance to SEEDS, but be sure to bring a dish or drink to share. We’ll have a grill available if you want to grill your own whatever. (We’d also like your $10 bucks a family membership, whether or not you can come. An application is downloadable on the side.) We’ll make a blatant pitch for what we know we need—a fundraiser chair, a recycling chair, among others. And then we’ll shut up and party and Janet Burgan and a few other musicians will help us share our joy. Think of it as our Tuesday SEEDS meeting self-celebration. And worry not, we have a great big covered arena just in case by chance perhaps, it rains.

We (Michele, Kathy, Michael, Jean, Cyril, Jo, Chuck & Mary Ellen) do hope you will come,

WHEN: July 28, 2009, 6 to 9 PM
WHERE: 1046 Cochecton Tpk (Rt 371)
Tyler Hill, PA
(Across from the Tyler Hill Camp)

What’s Happening
In case you missed the Wayne Independent article, Wayne & Pike Counties have money for weatherization—windows, insulation, furnace, etc. There are income limits, ie a family of three at no more than $37,332 annual income or anyone receiving supplemental social security income (SSI) or who is enrolled in the low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP) automatically qualifies, regardless of income. But this money can be used by renters and homeowners alike. Some may be concerned about their tax dollars being misused, but remember this is money being pumped into our local economy and benefiting our planet; if the money is not used it will be sent somewhere else. For those interested, 253-4882, via e-mail at, or on the web at The whole article is at

Don’t miss this year’s Audubon Art & Craft Festival on July 18 & 19, 10 to 5 each day at Wallenpaupack HS. Really fine art and high quality crafts, and reptiles and rainforest animals for everyone. For more info

And, speaking of animals, there are creatures in your very garden—some of them could even be good for you. Jo Clearwater will give a tour of the fauna (insects) of her farm this Saturday, July 11 from 9 to 11. $25 suggested donation to SEEDS. Clearwater Acres is in Damascus, off 371, near the river. Call 224-7687 for directions. Hope to see you there.