SEEDS is excited to share the news about the new CLEAN ENERGY CO-OP

August 14, 2014

Click HERE to view video presentation by Jack Barnett at the SEEDS Annual General Membership Meeting 9-16-14

Clean Energy Co-op

Clean Energy Co-Op

Announcing the new Clean Energy Cooperative Inc.
Developing Community through Clean Energy in Northeast PA

Break out the champagne—or wheatgrass juice, or whatever— the Clean Energy Cooperative of Northeast Pennsylvania is now accepting members!

Developed by SEEDS over the last 12 months, this Clean Energy Cooperative will make clean energy solutions affordable for our local non-profits and community organizations.  We will do this by financing the upfront costs of solar panels and other renewable energy systems, enabling these wonderful local organizations to stretch their payments over a 20 year period, all while saving on their utility bills.

Your one-time Co-op membership fee of $100 provides the operating funds to help set up the Co-op. These costs are minimal as we have a group of dedicated volunteers running the Co-op, but there are always a few expenses. The other side of the win/win equation is that Co-op members have a direct say in the future of renewable energy in rural northeast Pennsylvania by:

  • having a ‘one member = one vote’ in the Cooperative,
  • helping us identify more members,
  • helping us identify Co-op projects, and
  • the future opportunity to consider funding in a Co-op project, by providing some of the upfront capital, with a modest return over a twenty year payback (and we will have lots of information on how that works and how that’s structured).

Or your role can stop with simply joining a worthwhile cause for our area and the planet.

You can be one of the first 25 members to join by going to http://www.CleanEnergy.Coop. Or you can wait and hear more about it at the SEEDS General Membership Meeting on September 16. But why wait? By being one of the first 25 members, you get (drum roll please) to tell your children, your cat, your neighbors, your houseplants, that you were one of the original 25 members of the Clean Energy Cooperative of Northeast Pennsylvania, thereby taking a stand for Mother Earth.

These buttons have additional ways to learn about and get connected with the Clean Energy Co-op, or call Michele on 570-224-0052:

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We at SEEDS are proud to have helped birth this community-owned organization and glad to have them as a partner with us working on a sustainable future for all!
– Kathy Dodge, SEEDS Chair