SEEDS Volunteer Opportunities

July 22, 2014


SEEDS is looking for a few volunteers to help with these tasks:

  1. Email Manager – Check one of our incoming email addresses a few times a week and help address or forward messages as needed. Small time commitment – less than 1 hour per week – can do completely from home.
  2. Membership Coordinator – Help us update our membership lists and email lists. Enter new names as needed; update records as needed. Small time commitment – a few hours per month – can do completely from home, and meet a few times a year with our Executive Director in our office.
  3. Project Coordinators–Help us administer one of our energy efficiency programs. Volunteers are needed to help communicate with people and/or businesses who are signing up to save energy. Medium time commitment –some emails and calls each month, logging data about energy use provided to us. Also can be done from home.
  4. Forum Assistance – Help us plan our educational forums! This involves helping our Executive Director and other volunteers plan and facilitate our energy educational forums. This is a small time commitment, and can be lots of fun and very informative! Can be done mostly from your home.
  5. Partnership Coordinators – Help us develop our partnerships with Habitat for Humanity, The Stoneworks Learning Center, and Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center.  Medium time commitment and can be done mostly from home.
  6. Press Agent – Help us submit online press releases to media outlets. Small time commitment: once a month – about 1 -2 hours tops!
  7. Office Help – Come help us in the office whenever you have some extra time – stuffing and stamping envelopes, filing, etc. Or volunteer to work a couple hours each week. Let us know what time works best for you!

SEEDS is also interested in accommodating you if you have a special skill or interest in something other than what is listed above.

Talk to us! We’d love to have you help out!