NOW HIRING: SEEDS Seeks Next Executive Director to Lead Non-Profit

November 13, 2022

HONESDALE – SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) of NEPA is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit was incorporated in
2009, and is currently accepting candidates to fill the seat of executive director. Resumes can be sent to by noon on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

SEEDS Executive Director Job Description

SEEDS’ Executive Director (ED) is the senior employee of SEEDS, accountable to the SEEDS Board of Directors, and reports to the Chair of the Board of Directors. The ED is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Other key responsibilities include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The ED salary is for up to a 30-hour work week. The ED is expected to work from the office as is required to perform her/his responsibilities, and to open public office hours at a minimum of 4 hours per week. For the remainder of the time, the ED may work remotely (ex: work from home, coworking spaces, community outreach, networking, etc).

The following section lays out detailed responsibilities of the ED position at SEEDS. The Board recognizes that many of these responsibilities have elements of work that are shared among the ED, the Board, and Circles (like committees). The Board expects the ED to take a leadership role in the organization’s operations and to manage the responsibilities listed below in a way that ensures that the work is getting done. In cases where there are gaps between the documented responsibilities and the organization’s ability to get the work done, the ED is expected to manage those gaps as part of her/his ongoing performance review and prioritization with the Chair and the Board.

Detailed Responsibilities:
● The ED is responsible for leading SEEDS in a manner consistent with the organization’s mission.
● The ED is responsible for communicating with the Board all information necessary for the Board to function properly and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner.
● The ED is a de facto member of all Circles; however, is not expected to attend all Circle meetings/functions.
● The ED is available to Board and Circle members for providing input and opinions on issues and programs.
● The ED is expected to attend all SEEDS Board meetings and prepare an ED’s report. The ED report provides an update on all fundraising, meetings, events, special requests and other miscellaneous issues to be shared with the board members. Note: the ED is an active and valued participant in Board activities, but the ED does not participate in Board votes.
● The ED makes sure all communications numbers are provided for each Board meeting including contacts in Mail Chimp, Facebook Likes, and SEEDS members.
● The ED is expected to meet with the SEEDS Chair on a regular basis (as agreed to by both parties) to review upcoming projects and programs, tasks, issues, and concerns.

Administration: Finance/Governance
● The ED oversees all organization operations including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, tax filings, charitable organization renewals, liability insurance, management of all paid staff including performance management, coordination with accountant & payroll services.
● The ED is responsible for the timely filing of any/all documents required to maintain our 501C-3 status.
● The ED oversees preparation of the organization’s annual budget. Input is sought from Board members (especially Circle leads). Once approved, the ED has the authority to make purchases and pay any expenditures as authorized within the budget. The ED may not spend outside of the budget without prior Board approval.
● The ED is expected to meet with the SEEDS Treasurer on a regular basis (as agreed to by both parties) to prepare upcoming yearly budgets, review grant spending, review financial reports for Board meetings, receive salary and payroll, and submit expense reports. The ED may be authorized by the board to be one of two signatories required on every check.
● The ED is responsible for the regular and timely monitoring of, and responding to, the organization’s phone and email messages, including forwarding/delegating to appropriate Circle leaders or Board members.
● The ED logs time on SharePoint for monthly review and approval by the Chair prior to receiving salary.
● The ED updates the Sharepoint “Friends” list and the MailChimp email contact list appropriately.
● The ED is responsible for ensuring that all significant organizational documentation gets stored in SharePoint
● The ED is responsible for maintenance of all office computer equipment, phones, printers, and all office supplies including cartridges, paper, thank you notes, SEEDS T-Shirts and other branding materials, postage stamps, etc.

Public Relations
● The ED is expected to remain highly visible in the community and to always act in a way that reflects positively on the organization.
● The ED establishes relationships with community entities, building SEEDS’ reputation and effectiveness.
● The ED, with the Outreach Circle, aids in curating social and other media, messaging and branding.
● The ED attends and helps at all SEEDS events to meet attendees and share information about SEEDS, its programs, and volunteer opportunities. After each event, the ED tallies funds raised and gives an event financial report and funds to the Treasurer.
● The ED attends other organizations’ events and staffs the “SEEDS Table” when necessary (along with volunteers) in order to ensure that SEEDS has a presence at other mission-related events.
● The ED attends other community events to become familiar with community stakeholders, who might also be decision makers in local foundation support, and business leaders who donate to local nonprofits.
● The ED is often a guest speaker at other events and makes guest appearances on the radio in order to communicate “who we are and what we do.”
● The ED can assist in recruiting new board members, advisers, and can present candidates to the Board.
● The ED oversees the updating and maintenance of the SEEDS website with all current events information, registration links, upcoming meeting/ event schedules etc. The website should have further detail on Facebook events, and should have content referred to in our newsletter articles.
● The ED coordinates the Board’s selection of the Green Business Award each year, and in the past has been the presenter of these awards at The Chamber of the Northern Poconos annual awards dinners.

● The ED helps draft a year-end fundraising campaign letter, which is a summary of recent accomplishments and shares upcoming goals, and ensures that the letter is mailed to all in our SharePoint “Friends” list.
● The ED sees that SEEDS participates in NEPAGives each June.
● The ED establishes relationships with all current and potential donors (both individuals and businesses).

● The ED researches and writes grants for the organization. Circles may provide specific projects and work with the ED to research and submit grants. The ED also shares any pertinent grant opportunities with the Circles.
● The ED is responsible for ensuring that the organization meets all requirements for grant reporting for all grants received by the organization.

Additional Comments

● The ED must request approval from the Board in advance of taking on any tasks or responsibilities above/beyond the responsibilities listed above.
● The Board may either approve or reject the request for additional tasks/responsibilities. In the case of approval, the Board requires that the work be considered “volunteer work” for which the ED will not be paid and which cannot supersede the required responsibilities listed above.