Allaina Propst

October 11, 2021

Allaina was born and raised in the woods outside of Honesdale, PA. She earned her degree from Bryn Mawr College in economics and Middle Eastern studies. Allaina returned home to Honesdale and now owns and runs Here & Now Brewing Company. After purchasing her building in 2013, she spent the next 4 years renovating it, taking time to find the balance between historical accuracy, modern functionality and energy efficiency.

Allaina’s mission is to help create a more sustainable local economy the old-fashioned way by sourcing products as locally as possible, reducing waste, and just doing the right thing. In addition to food and beer, Allaina loves long walks in the woods, skeeball, spreadsheets and that rewarding feeling when the last piece of the puzzle fits in perfectly. Allaina is also treasurer of the Clean Energy Co-op.