Charles (Chuck) SanClementi

October 11, 2021

Charles moved to Hawley, PA from Manhattan in 2005 and became a full-time resident with his family in 2009. Born and raised in New Jersey, he studied at Pratt Institute and William Patterson University, then worked and lived in New York City. A former conservation assistant for The MET, Chuck’s professional experiences include managing fine art galleries, running an independent fine arts installation and logistics business, and instructing at NYU Graduate School. In 1995, he co-founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, an online fine arts reference library. With a master’s degree in fine art, Chuck is accomplished in wood working, design and construction, and brings a lot of handy know-how to the table.

In 2016, while serving as a board member for his residential community, Chuck successfully organized a grassroots information campaign stopping Kinder Morgan and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company from extracting 4 million gallons of lake water in Pike County to test a newly constructed 13 mile section of one of their fracked gas pipelines running through Wayne and Pike counties. The hard-fought effort prevented a proposed months-long lake siphoning project that would have required the use of approximately 1,600 tanker trucks in an otherwise quiet residential community. It was at that time he first learned about SEEDS and has avidly followed it ever since. “I’m honored and excited to be more directly involved with these environmentally indispensable issues,” he said.