Stay warm this winter.  Michael Chojnicki, Architect, and Stephen Stuart, lifelong advocate of energy efficiency, will discuss the importance of enhancing and maintaining a healthy home in this online workshop via Zoom.

They will explore the various principles guiding energy efficiency, as well as review approaches to winterizing homes using “no and low” cost ways to lower your home’s energy use and save money. Discussions will include home energy audits, the principles of energy efficiency along with a simple awareness and understanding of how the occupant’s activities can affect their home energy usage.

This workshop is FREE and donations are greatly appreciated.  Registration is required.  You will receive the Zoom link upon registration.
Register here:

This workshop is organized by the Farm Arts Collective and sponsored by SEEDS.


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SEEDS Annual DIY Solar Workshop

At the heart of every thriving community are the connections we make—among those who share our lives, our love of the beautiful region we call home, and who share our commitment to working together in support of a sustainable future here. 

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) has spent its first decade focused on providing people the tools to empower personal change. By continuing to expand such opportunities, the potential for positive choices and actions will multiply.

Our small but effective non-profit organization has done valuable work over the past decade in support of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable living in our communities. But we haven’t done it alone.

We deeply appreciate having shared these good efforts with many individuals and community businesses, working side by side to empower others with the knowledge and tools to create the potential for truly transformative outcomes. In this once-a-year outreach, we are asking for your financial support to help us to continue this important work.

SEEDS has come a long way since its founding in 2008—and it could not have happened without people like you. For the past decade, our organization has sown and nurtured numerous projects in support of a more sustainable future for all who live here—the people, the plants and animals with whom we share our lives, as well as the natural resources that support us.

SEEDS Plans for Its Second Decade

As SEEDS entered its second decade in 2019, we launched a strategic planning process ( to sharpen the organization’s focus while exploring fresh projects to expand its outreach and to connect with new friends in the communities we serve. During this time, SEEDS maintained its established events while forging ahead with new initiatives to lay the groundwork for fresh growth.

Some 2019 SEEDS Highlights:

• The 8th Annual Free Book Swap received well-deserved recognition with a 2019 Environmental Partnership Award from the NEPA Environmental Partners in celebration of working together to get big jobs done for the benefit of the environment and our communities.

• SEEDS partnered with the Wayne Conservation District to host a highly successful Bus Tour of 5 Wayne County Farms, educating the public about the importance of local agriculture to our region’s sustainability. SEEDS also established a new Sustainable Food Circle to promote local foods and farming.

Calkins Creamery was one of the stops on the Wayne County Farm Tour

• SEEDS actively promoted an initiative that came to fruition when the Wayne County Commissioners adopted the C-PACE program (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) in support of our regional business community and its clean energy options. We also educated key officials about the benefits of Community Solar Legislation in collaboration with the Pike Wayne Conservation Partnership.

• SEEDS supported our local waterways by assisting with the Lackawaxen River Cleanup hosted by Here and Now Brewing. Four dumpsters of trash were removed from our beautiful river.

• SEEDS awarded the fourth $1,000 annual scholarship in memory of Michael “Jake” Burkhardt to Phoebe Cykosky, a graduate of Wallenpaupack Area High School.

• In collaboration with the Chamber of the Northern Poconos, SEEDS selected The Car Wash on Rt 6, in Hawley, PA as the recipient of the 2019 Green Business Award honoring its green initiatives.

• SEEDS held its annual DIY solar workshop, a battery storage forum, promoted electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy at two public events, helped launch local EV charging stations, partnered in the second NEPA Green Fair, gave guided trail walks, organized local authors talks and more.

• SEEDS launched “SEEDS Reads,” a community outreach program promoting the joy of reading while educating people of all ages about the importance of care and stewardship of our natural resources. The program includes a book club focused on titles related to our mission as well as establishing Little Free Libraries in our local communities.

SEEDS Reads!

We hope all this inspires you to provide the financial support needed for continued growth.

Your gift is crucial to SEEDS. Our lean but mighty organization achieves its mission on a very conservative budget. With your donation, we can do even more to make a difference—here in OUR communities.

SEEDS raises more than half of its general operating budget with this one annual fundraising initiative. We don’t like to waste resources and burden you with lots of mail. Please help SEEDS to continue its history of efficient and effective action by making your donation today. Be assured that we’ll put your gift to good use toward creating the kind of future in which we can all thrive.

It’s not too late to lend your support! Please take a moment now to make an online donation by clicking on the DONATE TODAY button at top right on the SEEDS homepage at . Or mail your check (made payable to “SEEDS”) to SEEDS, 1030 Main Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Make a one-time donation or select a monthly sustaining amount. Thank you from all of us at SEEDS!!

Let the sun shine! And learn how to store its energy!!

When you think of renewable energy, solar energy probably comes to mind. But once renewable energy is produced, we have to either use it immediately or save it for later. Batteries have become a great form of energy storage which can be installed at your home and work.

Come to hear industry professionals discuss and answer questions about how you can harness the sun at the SEEDS workshop, “How to Store the Sun for your Home or Business” on Tuesday, October 22, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, at the Park Street Complex, in Honesdale, PA.

During “How to Store the Sun for your Home or Business” three expert presenters will cover current and emerging technologies, and practical applications.

Daniel Friberg, Sr Vice President of Engineering at Eos Energy Storage, a Zinc-Hybrid battery manufacturer, will discuss different applications for energy storage, including battery energy storage, and advantages and disadvantages of the available technologies.

Friberg is Sr. Vice President of Engineering at Eos Energy Storage, a Zinc-Hybrid battery manufacturer headquartered in Edison, NJ. In this role he is responsible for system design, engineering and integration of Eos Aurora Battery System. He has a strong technical background in battery integration, inverter technology, control systems and electrical engineering, with more than 25 years of experience working for leading electrical engineering companies such as ABB and Parker-Hannifin prior to joining Eos in 2017. Friberg has been working in the power electronics and grid integration business for more than fifteen years with focus on Energy Storage, and power quality applications. His engineering teams have designed, integrated and successfully deployed more than 300 megawatts of battery storage systems worldwide.

Andrew Drewchin, Founder of Gincgo, a Wilkes-Barre, PA firm building software for the renewable energy industry, will discuss the role of microgrids in our current energy economy and how they will become more common in the near future. Microgrids are independent energy systems that can disconnect from their electric utility without losing power. They are used by hospitals, college campuses, and US military bases. Although microgrids still rely on fossil fuels to produce power, as the technology continues to develop, fully renewable microgrids are beginning to shake up the market.

Since 2014, Drewchin has been working deeply within the renewable energy industry. Starting in sales, he quickly found himself working in an administrative role for Level Solar, New York’s largest residential installer at the time. He advanced to Director of Business Development for Inhabit Solar, which specialized in electric vehicle charging solar carports. It is there that he gained a deep appreciation for how renewable energy can be used to create hyper- resilient energy systems, such as microgrids, for homes, businesses, and transportation. Andrew now runs his own company, Gincgo.

Jim Sanders, a retired manufacturing manager who has a passion for renewable energy, will talk about the Tesla Powerwalls installed in his family’s 100% solar powered home. Sanders will present photos of the installation and a description of how the system works, as well as the reasons for choosing a battery backup instead of a generator.

Sanders and his wife, Pat, have installed geothermal heating in their home, and have grid tied solar panels powering all of their household needs, including their electric car. They have recently also installed two Tesla Powerwalls in lieu of a generator to serve as backup in case of power failure. Jim serves as a volunteer for SEEDS doing solar assessments and home energy consultations.

For more information, call (570) 245–1256 or email SEEDS Executive Director Sandy Long at Suggested $10 donation at the door.

YES YOU CAN! We’ll Show You How.

Martin Springhetti celebrates the Solar Installation Project he accomplished with instruction from SEEDS.

Two Night Do-It-Yourself Solar Installation Workshop at Wallenpaupack High School

June 25 & 26th, 6-8 p.m. in the Cafeteria

  • Learn how solar works, how much it costs, and how much you can save!
  • Learn if your roof is well oriented to generate solar electricity
  • See and handle all the components and equipment, and learn how to install them properly
  • On-site demonstration and hands-on practice
  • Solar equipment may be ordered, if interested (not required)

All are welcome! No experience required. Please register below. Suggested $10.00 donation at the door.

Presenters Include:

Blair Buselli – PA/NY licensed electrician and NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified solar installer from Buselli Solutions, Beach Lake, PA.

Jack Barnett – A principal consultant in sustainability, solar, zero net-energy buildings, telecommunications technology and strategy; past chapter chair of the American Solar Society, and president of the local Clean Energy Co-Op.


2019 GREEN Business Award


In October, the Chamber of the Northern Poconos will present their annual awards dinner that honors philanthropic and entrepreneurial achievements in our community. For 6 years now, The Chamber and SEEDS have partnered to also present a Green Business Award at the dinner.

“It is important to recognize the sustainability initiatives our region’s businesses are implementing”, Executive Director Jocelyn Cramer noted about this award. “Previous GREEN Business Award winners  exemplify this area’s innovation and commitment to the environment”.

Here is an application form for the 2018 Green Business Award, due August 24th.

Green Business Nomination Form 2018 (1)

If your business is not yet a member of The Chamber of the Northern Poconos, you can find a membership application HERE.

What makes a business GREEN? 

“I think any business can and should grow greener, regardless of the industry or number of employees. After all, we know that certain measures can save money, and we know that customers are increasingly interested in earth-friendly business practices.” said Cramer.

Being GREEN means a business is committed to the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

Here are ways you can make any business GREENER…

1. Recycling is a great way to start, and something that can always be improved upon. Unless a company is at zero waste (which is amazing!) they can recycle, reuse, repair, re purpose more. Want help knowing what can be recycled and where, visit: This website was created by the Wayne Tomorrow sustainability committee to encourage more recycling and demonstrate many of the community initiatives available in Wayne County.

2. Reduce energy load – upgrade lighting, patch air – breeches, clean and maintain heating and cooling systems, install programmable thermostats and vacancy sensors. Improve insulation. All of these measures can save money in the long run and demonstrate efficient facilities management to your employees and customer base. Patching air-breeches is quick and easy, and usually pays for itself very quickly. Buy a little caulk (spend a couple dollars more on the good stuff), expandable foam and weatherstripping. Not sure how to do this – you can find YouTube “How To” Videos on almost anything. Typically, lighting upgrades can produce the next quickest return on your investment, resulting in positive cash flow within a few months. PPL has rebates and incentives to help their business customers. Visit:

3. Switch to  green electricity – PA utility customers can shop for their electric generation company. The best resource is In just a few moments, you can see all the options available in your area. Enter your zip code, filter the options that matter to you most (choose the renewable energy option) and make your switch! Once you do – make sure to share this info with your employees and customers.

4. Install a renewable energy system to heat or cool your building and reduce carbon emissions. If you are not sure how to get started, contact SEEDS for further info and guidance.

5. Donate to an environmental non-profit organization. Publicize your charity. Ok, we’re biased. We think SEEDS is a well deserving organization that has been promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable living in notheast PA for 10 years. Click HERE to donate today.

6. Encourage employees to ride share when possible. Enterprise offers an excellent Ride Share program for larger businesses. Click HERE for more info.

7. Purchase local food and encourage employees to do the same. Our local agricultural heritage can be protected and improved with the growing demand for local, healthy food. Often, not knowing where to buy local food is an issue, or not knowing when the farmer’s markets are. SEEDS has compiled a Local Farmer’s Market Buying Guide HERE.

8. Save water. Water is becoming an increasingly precious commodity. Upgrade toilets, shower heads,  washing machines, and dishwashers to high efficiency, low flow options. Reduce the amount of water used wherever you can. Saving water also saves money  – less pumping. And saving hot water saves the most money.

9. Print less. Print doubles-sided.  Nearly all large companies have adopted double-sided printing as the norm. Most have also removed all personal printers and installed only shared printers with personalized print security codes. This initiative is helping people adopt to paperless administration. It also has reduce printing by over 60% in many cases, saving companies incredible money on paper and print cartridges/toners. Also, some fonts use much less ink than others. Changing your default fonts can save lots of money!

10. Offer telecommuting when possible. When employers can offer their employees the option of working some hours from home, we get it, the main reason may not be the environment. This options give an employee flexibility  –  it saves them time and gas money. Telecommuting options are also known to be an attractive employee retention tool.

11. Use Earth Friendly Cleaning products. Eliminating harmful chemicals from your cleaning routine can help your employees who are allergic or intolerant of cleaning chemicals. Some people do not even realize they allergic or intolerant, and think they have seasonal allergies. It may be the cleaning products, air-freshners or candles!  There are wonderful natural options for room fresheners and fragrances. You can visit Honesdale’s own Mount Pleasant Herbary for great products. Stores are carrying a larger selection of natural cleaning products. Ask for them if you don’t see them, and you can help shop owners know of your interest in their stocking more options.

12. Invest locally. Investing money in your community sustains your community. Here in northeastern PA, we are very fortunate to have so many businesses support their communities. Shop local, and encourage all your employees to shop local. They are literally helping their neighbors and friends. Shopping local includes the doctors you choose, insurance brokers you work with and your bank. Another way to invest locally is to become a member/investor in the Clean Energy Co-Op, a for profit cooperative that finances community clean energy projects. Member/investors get a return on their investment, and the community has an increase in renewable energy systems, and reduces carbon emissions for us all.

13. Your turn. Share your ideas with us. There is a lot more than what you reading here, so share with us any practices you have implemented. We’d love to hear about it!

HEALTH — we have shared a lot of good ideas to make your business greener, and one of the many reasons to do so, is to help promote good health. A reduction in carbon emissions means better health for all of us. Eliminating harmful  chemicals from our food means better health for all of us. Many sustainability practices were known and preached by our very recent ancestors. Sustainability isn’t hard or new. It takes just a moment:

to think about how our habits and routines can be improved

to think about how we can save money and resources

and to think about how we can do less damage to our earth and ourselves.

Share any of your comments or ideas with us. Email


Free Business Luncheon








Thank you to all the businesses that joined us for: GREEN Your Business to GROW Your Business, and thank you to all our presenting partners.

SEEDS has compiled the list of websites below to help businesses put a green team in place. Contact us if you need any assistance. As a community benefit organization, serving northeastern PA, SEEDS is happy to be a part of your green team!





at Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance – 92 Main Avenue; Hawley, PA.

Learn the latest tools and online resources, to help manage home energy costs and shop for electricity. Save money by learning how your home uses and loses energy. Explore an overview of the benefits and limitations of renewable and nonrenewable fueled systems, including mini-split heat pumps and on-demand hot water systems.  What is the latest and greatest heating technology? What do you buy if your hot water tank fails?

Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance, PPL and SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) will present this workshop to help you build the tools needed to make wiser choices about your home’s energy use. Attendees will receive an overview of subzero air source heat pumps, air source hot water heaters and on demand hot water systems. This workshop is geared for residential electric and heating fuel customers. Learn what to shop for and what rebates are available. Computers will be available for demonstration of some of the online tools and resources available. Or bring your own a personal smart phone/tablet. Free WIFI is available. If you are a PPL customer, bring a current bill.

Presenters include Brian Stafford, Key Accounts Manager for PPL and Larry Reeger, Green Building Associate Professor at SUNY Sullivan.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited.

Click HERE to register or call: (570) 245 – 12546

All registrants will be provided with information about any changes that weather may impose.

This event is free and open to the general public. Light refreshments will be served. Donations are appreciated.


SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) is a non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable living. Click HERE to join the SEEDS newsletter.







Sustainable Energy Fund and SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) of Northeastern PA present a Lunch and Learn workshop on Thursday March 30th, starting at 11:30 am at The Cooperage – 1030 Main Street in Honesdale, PA.

Join us to learn about energy efficiency and energy conservation and start saving money immediately.   You will learn the typical energy management barriers, and how to overcome them.  Our discussion will include simple steps your organization can take to assess your energy usage, set goals, and implement an action plan.  By the end of the workshop, you will have an understanding of how lighting, HVAC, and the building envelope play a role in your utility bill. This workshop will help all facilities/maintenance staff and volunteers implement energy efficiency improvements for your organization.

This event is free for non-profit organizations;  $35 for for businesses and municipalities. Lunch  will be provided.
Registration is required. Please visit and click on the button for Honesdale (toward the bottom) to register online.

Also, during this session, you will learn details about the Sustainable Energy Fund’s

Nonprofit Energy Makeover Contest,

and how to enter your favorite non-profit for an energy efficiency makeover. The winning non-profit (must be located in the PPL service area) will receive a major energy efficiency building retrofit that will produce dramatic savings.  The energy savings can be used to further the non-profit’s mission. SEEDS is helping promote the contest hoping that one of our area’s non-profit might be selected.

For more information, email Kelly Sanders of Sustainable Energy Fund at, or  call (610) 264-4440. Alternatively, you can email Jocelyn Cramer of SEEDS at; (570) 245 – 1256.

Registration is required. Please visit and click on the button for Honesdale (toward the bottom) to register online.



Did you know?

Conservation districts represent a unique effort to preserve and ensure the sustainability of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. They are located in 66 counties throughout the commonwealth and offer a variety of programs that unite farmers, municipal officials, homeowners, teachers, students, and others, in the common goal of restoring and conserving precious natural resources. Conservation districts seek to address a number of environmental issues defined in statute, including control and prevention of soil erosion, flood control, maintenance of dams and reservoirs, storm water management, air quality protection, wildlife preservation, and overall promotion of the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the commonwealth.

The 1945 law creating conservation districts, Act 217, followed a concerted effort to address the conservation of soil, water and related natural resources.

Forest land is a valuable natural asset. The land has the potential to provide periodic income, recreational enjoyment, aesthetics and improved habitat for wildlife. The Wayne Conservation District can help you reach your short & long term goals on your forest land. The annual seedling sale is one of the many offerings your conservation district provides.

Click 2017 Seedling Sale Oder Form to view and print the Seedling Sale Order Form. Mail the form and your check to:

Wayne Conservation District
Wayne County Park Street Complex
648 Park Street
Honesdale PA 18431

Telephone; 570-253-0930
Fax; 570-253-9741
Office email;

The District provides a myriad of services and programs. The document below provides a summary of the Conservation District. If you have any questions please contact our office.

Wayne CD Services Brochure

Conservation District Staff
Robert Muller Jr. — Manager
Heidi Ferber– Nutrient Management Specialist
David Mitchell — Resource Conservationist
Ed Vinton– Resource Conservationist
Sarah Hall — Forest Specialist
Jamie Knecht — Watershed Specialist

Sylvia Thompson — Secretary

Click on name above to email staff member

Join Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC)  for a conversation on the various pathways for decarbonizing Pennsylvania’s electricity sector, and the costs and benefits associated with each. Internationally recognized speakers join local leaders and decision-makers in a thoughtful conversation.

Panel topics include nuclear power, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon capture and storage.