Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency Resources

Choosing Your Electricity Generation Company

In addition to conserving power and perhaps even generating some of our own, we have a choice of where we buy our electricity and how that electricity is generated. In northeast PA, PPL still distributes...

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Find out your Walkability Score

Find out your Walkability Score Discover how walkable your location is by using Walk Score. Encouraging employees and customers to walk around town encourages environmental stewardship and local shopping while giving us the chance to...

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PA Bike Routes

Did you know that PA Department of Transportation advertises 9 bicycle tours and one of them, “Route Y” runs right through Wayne County and Honesdale? Learn More

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Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association

PPTA is dedicated to advocating and strengthening the role of public transportation and improving the quality of life for all Pennsylvania citizens. Learn More

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PA Commutes

PACommutes is a fun, interactive website that can help you find more information on all the forms of alternative transportation available in PA. Learn how to start a carpool system or calculate how much you...

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Sign up to Carpool on E-Ride Share

For anyone who commutes daily, here is a place to add your ride offerings and ride needs. Carpooling can cut fuel expenses in half (often even more!), decrease wear-and-tear on cars, and makes traveling to...

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