SEEDS has prepared a Home Energy Efficiency Checklist for you!

October 9, 2013

SEEDS’ latest educational forum, Find it – Fix it – A Home Energy Efficiency Workshop,  was cosponsored by PPL and presented on Oct 9th, 2013  at their Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center. All attendees received valuable information on easy and inexpensive ways to save on energy (and energy costs!).  PPL donated CFL bulbs so that all received a free gift just for coming!  FIFI – our Find it – Fix it Mascot, helped us locate problem spots and FIX them!

A panel of experts included: Jamie Knecht from the Wayne Conservation District. Jamie  spoke about water conservation; Jenna Wayne of PPL spoke about phantom power and smart strips, her colleague Anthony from PPL’s ePower program talked about lighting and the difference in bulbs, their wattage usage and their costs. Phil Buckingham helped folks with questions about insulation and pipe wrapping; Jim Sanders and Pete Snyder walked us through caulking, Kathy Dodge, our SEEDS Chair demonstrated ways to save energy in the kitchen, and she shared lots of helpful energy saving tricks and tips, and 2 students, David and Kayla were on hand to talk about their TEAAM experiences and sing people up for 2014.

SEEDS prepared a checklist to summarize many of the helpful tips shared this evening. Click here to read the full article. Please share any of your great ideas with us too! We will update our list with the best ideas!



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