10th Annual FREE Book Swap at a NEW Location! Bring Your Beloved and Dusty Books

August 1, 2021

SEEDS is proud to announce the return of the Free Book Swap at a new location, the Wayne County Fairgrounds from September 18 to 19! This is the only event in Wayne County that knows no limit! No requirements, no limitations, all books. Here are the rules: Bring as many as you want. Take as many as you want. The goal is to see every book into a new home. Whether you bring ten, one or none, you are welcome to browse the red metal building on the fairgrounds and fill your arms (bags and boxes) with literary loot.

Do you have “a whole bunch of books” to drop off? Box ‘em up! Place the number of books on the outside of each bag or box for quick calculating! The event tracks collection and distribution totals for bragging rights. Bring your trunk or truck load during the following three times to the fairgrounds and follow the signs for Donations. Please understand that due to the volume of books we process, any books that arrive after these times may not have a chance to be sorted to the shelves for a new home.

Book Donation Drop Off Times

● Thursday, September 16 from noon to 6 pm
● Friday, September 17 from 9 am to 4 pm
● Saturday, September 18 from 9 am to noon

The Free Book Swap invites everyone to participate free of charge and to help themselves to as much as they can stack on their shelves. Community neighbors, families, visitors, organizations, agencies, businesses, groups, artists, and collectors are encouraged to visit the event on Saturday, September 18 from 9 am to 4 pm, or Sunday, September 19 from 10 am to 3 pm. Any leftover literature will be shipped to Better World Books to support global literacy efforts.

Free Book Take Event – Come and Get ‘Em!

● Saturday, September 18 from 9 am to 4pm
● Sunday, September 19 from 10 am to 3pm

Over the past several years, this annual FREE event has relocated 70,000 pieces of media, and many went to new homes and families here in NEPA. It is one of the single largest recycling events in our area. In 2019, the event broke records (again)! 20,000 books were donated; 11,000 were taken that day to new homes; and 3,000 pounds were sent to Better World Books to support global literacy efforts. The remainder, most in poor or damaged condition, were recycled at our county center. None went to a landfill.

This event is supported by community donations and sponsors to cover shipping expenses, event materials and volunteer hospitality. The event received a $1500 grant in 2019 from the Wayne County Community Foundation, and more funding leads to more positive impact for a sustainable community! Sponsor and vendor information is located on the event website under Donate, or express interest at

Volunteers make this event possible! We welcome new volunteers to join in the sorting and story-sharing. New or returning volunteers may express interest to Search for the Free Book Swap on Facebook and online at

PHONE: (610) 392-7219

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