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    SEEDS of Northeastern Pennsylvania will award a $1,000 Sustainability Scholarship to a college-bound high school senior (Pennsylvania resident) for the best essay addressing the following topic: How can people from rural places, like Wayne or Pike Counties, contribute to a sustainable future both locally and globally? How would one balance the trade-offs between sustainability and economic development? Provide examples where sustainability is working or missing in your county. Please be comprehensive and specific. This scholarship is made to honor the […]

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    A community mask-making initiative led by Lisa Glover and realized by volunteer cutters, sewers, donors and 3D printers is in full swing. There is a significant amount of orders from various community organizations and persons in need of masks, such as The Cooperage Project, Wayne County First Responders, and food drive volunteers.   “The sheer size of requests has risen dramatically in the past week, while our sewing-volunteers have not quite kept pace,” says Lisa. “The effort primarily needs people […]

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    We’ve recently shared a PennLive article about common spring wildflowers in Pennsylvania on our FB page. Because there are so many new hikers visiting our parks, some may not know how important it is not to pick the flowers you encounter, especially early in spring. Wildflowers support whole ecosystems for pollinators, birds, and small animals, who depend on seeds, nectar, and pollen for their food supply and life support system. And because some pollinators are not very mobile, have very […]

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