Annual Membership Meeting and “Resilient Regional Economies” with Judy Wicks

Join us on this fun and educational presentation! Due to the on-going pandemic, the Judy Wicks presentation of “Resilient Regional Economies” has been changed to an online presentation as part of SEEDS Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday September 15th, at 6pm and will be open to the public on SEEDS Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. An early pioneer of the farm-to-table and local economy movements, Wicks is nationally recognized for developing a blueprint for sustainable, local business practices. […]

Join our Annual Membership Meeting with farm-to-table pioneer, Judy Wicks

Wicks’ work continues to connect urban and rural communities, farmers with entrepreneurs, investors with borrowers, producers with consumers, and engage them in a collaborative effort to build just, resilient, and self-reliant regional economies throughout Pennsylvania.