Energy Efficiency

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Energy Assessments

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This SEEDS program allows you to make saving money on energy a priority, and provides simple steps and advice to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners will walk the exterior and entire interior of a home with our team of assessors as they point out possible improvements—behavioral or physical. Homeowners are then asked to share energy bills to help document the energy savings these improvements produce.

The SEEDS Energy volunteers are not affiliated with any business to provide these assessments. Assessments are fully funded by our membership dues and grants, so you can rest assured that you are receiving impartial, straightforward recommendations for reducing your energy bills and/or fossil fuel dependency. Northeastern PA families are saving tens of thousands of dollars as a result of this program. When funding is available and COVID restrictions do not restrict us, SEEDS trains high school students to be a part of our assessment teams through our TEAAM program. This not only helps the students become knowledgeable and responsible about their own energy futures, but is an uplifting experience for homeowners to see these talented young people carrying out a valuable service for the community.

NOTE: While we are trained in energy assessment techniques, we are not certified energy auditors. Our assessments are for educational and informational purposes only.

While SEEDS membership is a requirement for this service, there is no additional charge. This program is possible thanks to the continued support from our members, and grants from the Clif Bar Family Foundation and the Overlook Foundation, which has provided funds in the past to help us enhance this program. SEEDS has sponsored a scholarship since 2016 in memory of Michael “Jake” Burkhardt who, as a student, participated in this program. “If all of us did as much as Jake had accomplished in his short, shining life, I would not worry about our planet,” stated former SEEDS Executive Director Jocelyn Cramer, who worked with Jake on the energy assessment program. 

Space is limited for assessments and COVID-19 restrictions may mean a delay in this program.

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