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"Today’s Main Ingredient: Bringing Farm Food to Your Table” is a podcast produced by SEEDS of Northeastern Pennsylvania and consists of 15-minute audio programs, focusing on local farms and food businesses one ingredient at a time.

Greater Pike Community Foundation
Overlook Estate Foundation
Wayne-Pike Farm Bureau
Winter Squash

Today's Main Ingredient is Pumpkins and Winter Squash! Host Mikki Uzupes hears about the many varieties of winter squash from farmer Tim Jaggars of Robinson Family Farm in South Canaan PA, and the many ways...

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Sweet Potatoes

Today's Main Ingredient is Sweet Potatoes! Host Mikki Uzupes learns about sweet potatoes from local farmer Dave Nonnenmacher of Nonnenmacher Acres outside of Honesdale PA, and executive chef Keegan Marchand from the French Manor Inn...

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Today's Main Ingredient is extra-delicious: Apples! Host Mikki Uzupes talks with legionary local orchard-ist Roger Hill of Treeline Farm and the manager at O'Neill's Orchard in Pleasant Mount PA. The discussion was so sweet, and...

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Today's Main Ingredient is Celeriac! Host Mikki Uzupes discovers celeriac, aka celery root, from local farmers Andy Curtis and Lily Allgood at Journey's End Farm in Sterling PA, and chef Marcia Dunsmore from the Myrtle...

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Brussels Sprouts

Today's Main Ingredient is Brussels sprouts! Our host Mikki Uzupes talks about the often hated, but delicious Brussels sprouts with local farmer Roger Hill of Treeline Farm in Dyberry Township. And chef Josh Tomson from...

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Today's Main Ingredient is carrots! Our host Mikki Uzupes talks carrots with farmer Evan Morgan of Food for Beings outside Honesdale PA, and our foodie and podcast producer Jane Bollinger. Nutritionist Carol Kneier adds some...

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